Pittsburgh-Weirton Panhandle Restoration Analysis



Pittsburgh-Weirton Analysis 12-12-2005 (spreadsheet, no macros) (Pgh-Weirton Analysis 12-12-2005.xls) 270KB


Pennsylvania Railroad 1959 Pittsburgh Region District-B Branches Track Chart

Regional map with railroad companies and abandoned Panhandle segment highlighted (Region PRR Pgh TC 1-1-1959 Edits.pdf) 946KB
Map of the PRR's subsidiary Ohio Connecting Rwy.in the downriver Pittsburgh area with the current railroad companies and the abandoned Panhandle mainline converted into the PAT Busway highlighted (OCRY PRR Pgh TC 1-1-1959 Edits.pdf) 742KB

"Inspection Tour of the Physical Properties of the Pennsylvania Railroad in the Pittsburgh District" 1-10-1937

Report of Panhandle lineside shippers from Scully Yard-Weirton (document pages 9-10) (PRR Pgh District Inspection Trip 1-10-1937.pdf#page=9)

Conrail Central Region Inspection Trip (Main Line Pittsburgh-Chicago, Philadelphia-Pittsburgh, Fort Wayne-Harrisburg, Richard B. Hasselman) 4-21 & 22-1983

Report of Panhandle lineside shippers (document pages 89-96) (CR Central Region Track Chart BW 1983.pdf#page=89)

Conrail Zone Track Spot (ZTS) Maps

Scully Zone 7 Regional Map showing the Pittsburgh and Weirton Area track networks and the abandoned segment between MP 11 and MP 36 (now MP 39.3) (Scully Zone.pdf) 20KB
Pittsburgh Area showing the connection of the Panhandle Main Line 202 track to the Main Line Monongahela Line tracks 211 and 212 at Esplen Jct. CP 2 (Pgh.pdf) 22KB
Pittsburgh Area showing the Panhandle Main Line tracks passing through Scully Yard (Scully.pdf) 28KB
Carnegie, PA Area showing the Panhandle Main Line 202 track ending at the X at MP 11 at Walkers Mill, PA (Carnegie.pdf) 18KB
Weirton Area showing the Panhandle Main Line 202 track starting again at MP 36 to Weirton Jct. across the Ohio River to Steubenville (Weirton.pdf) 25KB
Mingo Jct. Area showing the Panhandle Main Line 202 track interchange with the River Branch at "MING", then west to Gould Tunnel where it becomes the Caprail I Panhandle Rail Line (PH Mingo Jct.pdf) 26KB
Mingo Jct. Area showing the 210 interchange track from the Panhandle Main Line to the River Branch Main Line 201 track (Mingo Jct.pdf)

News Articles:

12-10-2005: Mittal Runs Cold http://www.news-register.net/news/story/1210202005_new02.asp (Courtesy Wheeling Intelligencer http://www.news-register.net)

12-7-2005: Manchin Forming Task Force To Assess Mittal Weirton Steel http://www.wtov9.com/news/5484507/detail.html (Courtesy WTOV TV-9 Steubenville http://www.wtov9.com)

12-4-2005: Weirton job loss shows need to nourish manufacturing http://www.herald-dispatch.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20051204/OPINION/512040315/1034 (Courtesy Huntington, WV Herald-Dispatch http://www.herald-dispatch.com)


U.S. Sen. Arlen Specter (Specter-VanEpps 1-4-2006.pdf) 42KB
U.S. Sen. Robert C. Byrd, Committee on Appropriations (Byrd-Van Epps 1-12-2006.pdf) 26KB


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