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Passenger Tips for Train Travel c.2013 (Amtrak Passenger Tips Flyer c2013.pdf) Courtesy David Mangold Collection

4G LTE Technology on all WiFi-Equipped Trains c.2013 (Amtrak G4 WiFi Flyer c2013.pdf) Courtesy David Mangold Collection

Guest Rewards Flyer 12-2013 (Amtrak Rewards Flyer 12-2013.pdf) Courtesy David Mangold Collection

Northeast Corridor High Speed Rail brochure c.1999 (NRPC NEC HSR c1999.pdf) 2.254MB Courtesy David Mangold Collection

All Aboard! Amtrak's Passenger Trains 8-1990 (NRPC Amtrak's Passenger Trains 8-1990.pdf) Courtesy David Mangold Collection

High speed surface and lining; Interlockings; 1983 U/C Program Baltimore & Philadelphia Divisions (NRPC 1983 Stats.pdf)

Northeast Corridor Region, Philadelphia Division Bell Interlocking, Bellevue, DE 5-8-1982 (NRPC Bell Interlocking 5-8-1982.pdf) 1.751MB

K.R. Nunnelee interoffice memo to Distribution RE: Track Assignment 3-29-1983 (NRPC MW Base Yard Storage Track 1983.pdf)

B.R. Pohlot-P.J. Smith interoffice memo RE: Northeast (MD) Interlocking; Northeast Interlocking re-alignment charts 3-15-1983 (NRPC New Northeast Jct 1983.pdf)

W.A. Johnson interoffice memo to Distribution RE: Odenton M.W. Base; Odenton MOW Base Site Plan, Building schematic 3-12-1982 (NRPC Odenton MOW Base 1982.pdf)


Track Charts/Maps

MP 110-MP 120 Main Line Philadelphia-Washington DC c1983 (NRPC Phila-Wash Track Chart c1983.pdf)

Northeast Corridor Philadelphia-Washington, DC 9-1981 (NRPC Phila-DC Track Map 9-1981.pdf) 1.27MB

Northeast Corridor Washington, DC-Canton (NRPC Track Chart DC-Canton.pdf)

Northeast Corridor, Harrisburg Line, Springfield Line (cover only showing system map, color codes not included) (NRPC Track Chart Map.pdf)

System Map 1980 (Amtrak System Map 1980.pdf) 1.108MB

Interlocking Inspections

Bowie 3-25-1983 (NRPC Bowie Interlocking 1983.pdf)
Davis 3-17-1983 (NRPC Davis Interlocking 1983.pdf)
Grove 2-1-1983 (NRPC Grove Interlocking 1983.pdf)
Ragan 3-11-1983 (NRPC Ragan Interlocking 1983.pdf)
Winans 3-5-1983 (NRPC Winans Interlocking 1983.pdf)

Market Study of Proposed Amtrak Harrisburg-Erie Route 1-1977 (PennDOT Harrisburg-Erie Amtrak Study 1-1977.pdf) 1.496MB

Canadian Transport Commission Systems Analysis & Research Data Base Branch (Commission Canadienne des Transports Direction de L'Analyse des Systems et Collecte des DonnŽes Pour La Recherche) Report 119 "A Study of Amtrak's Effectiveness" 11-1974 (CTC Amtrak Effectiveness 11-1974.pdf) 11.709MB


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