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Front (C&O System Map Front 2-1960.pdf) 2.908MB
Back (C&O System Map Back 2-1960.pdf) 10.659MB


System (C&O System Map pre-1967.pdf) 2.641MB
US (C&O US Map pre-1967.pdf) 10.151MB

Columbus Map 8-1948 (C&O Columbus Map 8-1948.pdf) 2.603MB

Map No. 1-B C&O - B&O Study I, Cincinnati 5-12-1961 (Joint Cincinnati 5-12-1961.pdf) 993K (Scanning Courtesy Steven Titchenal Rails & Trails


CDT-73 C&O / B&O Switching Instructions For the Guidance of Engine, Train and Yard Service Employes 8-1-1964 (C&O CDT-73 8-1-1964.pdf) 8.801MB

Draft Agreement Between Chesapeake & Ohio Rwy. Co and Consolidated Rail Corp Relating to Trackage Rights in Grand Rapids, MI (C&O-CR Draft Trackage Rights Agreement.pdf) 2.127MB


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