Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul & Pacific Railroad (The Milwaukee Road) Archives




Lines East of Mobridge, SD Map 1949 (CMStP&P System Map 1949.pdf) 11.937MB

Map of the United States, Principal Stations Served by the Milwaukee Road System Map 3-1-1973

Front (CMStP&P System Map Front 3-1-1973.pdf) 4.404MB
Back (CMStP&P System Map Back 3-1-1973.pdf) 3.527MB


Employee Timetables

Northern Division and Southern Division #4 10-30-1983 (CMStP&P Northern & Southern Divs ETT #4 10-30-1983.pdf) 19.512MB

Wisconsin Division and Minnesota-Dakota Division Joint #6 3-1-1978 (CMStP&P WI & MN-Dakota Divs ETT #6 3-1-1978.pdf) 2.244MB


Safety Instructions 1970 (CMStP&P Safety Instructions 1970.pdf) 4.081MB

The Milwaukee Road Magazine

4-1975 (CMStP&P MR Magazine 4-1975.pdf) 2.684MB

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