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2-5-2008: "Clear title to Crawford land sought" Courtesy Erie Times-News



System Map 4-1974 (EL System Map 4-1974.pdf) 3.762MB

Mahoning Division Chart of Tracks Comprising 1st & 2nd Districts 89A-15788 (EL Mahoning Division Track Map.pdf)

Passing Report 3-8-1967 (EL Passing Report 3-8-1967.pdf) 55.82MB

Erie Railroad Through Freight Schedules 9-28-1941 (Erie Freight Schedules 9-28-1941.pdf)

Erie Railroad Clarion Jct Sheet #3 1-1-1937 (Erie Clarion Jct Sheet #3 1-1-1937.pdf) 2.494MB


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