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Dearborn Division Axle Rating Tables for Power Assignment 1-11-1996 (NS Dearborn Div Axle Ratings 1-11-1996.pdf) 7.641MB

Dearborn Division Budget 5-31-2006 (NS Dearborn Division Budget 5-31-2006.pdf) 3.198MB

General Information on Locomotive Automatic Engine Start/Stop (AESS) Systems 3-23-2006 (NS AESS Info 3-23-2006.pdf)

Emsworth Detour List c.10-22-2006 (NS Emsworth Detour List 10-22-2006.pdf)



80*A (Degree Angle?) Switch Points Drawing B-756 10-19-1987 (NS 80 Degree Switch Pts 10-19-1987.pdf)

80*A (Degree Angle?) Switch Points Drawing B-756 11-2-1987 (NS 80 Degree Switch Pts 11-2-1987.pdf)



Agents' Notice No. 1-20-409-84 3-6-1984 (NS Agents Notice No. 1-20-409-84 3-6-1984.pdf)

Agents' Notice No. 1-20-408-84 3-6-1984 (NS Agents Notice No. 1-20-408-84 3-6-1984.pdf) 1.413MB

Theohar-Seale CC: Ruff "Development of data on chemicals being used by paper mills on NS" 4-11-1983 (NS Theohar-Seale 4-11-1983.pdf)


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