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Instructions for Supervisors in Connection with the Handling of Discipline 10-1-1965 (PRR Discipline 10-1-1965.pdf) 2.546MB

Cut List form 3-1965 (PRR C.T. 392 3-1965.pdf)

"Railroad Needs of the Nation in 1965" (PRR RR Needs of the Nation 1965.pdf) 5.549

C.T. 4001 List of Reportable Locations (Stations-Yards-Sidings) For Use In Car Movement Reporting System 6-1-1964 (PRR CT 4001 6-1-1964.pdf) 4.903MB

Pamphlet Descriptive of Corporations in Which The Pennsylvania Railroad Company and its Subsidiary and Affiliated Companies are Interested Through Ownership of Securities, Leases or Otherwise, Office of the Comptroller, Philadelphia, 1963 (PRR Subsidiaries Affiliates 1963.pdf) 4.069MB

"The Pennsylvania Railroad - Serving You Through Progress in Transportation" 12-1963 (PRR Progress Flyer 12-1963.pdf) 6.996MB

"A Study of the Physical feasibility and Economics of Handling Jersey Central Pasenger Trains via the Pennsylvania Railroad" Conducted by The New York Region, The Pennsylvania Railroad, New York, NY 5-15-1959 (PRR CNJ Passenger Study 7-15-1959) 13.434MB

Remarks by David C. Bevan, Vice President, Finance, The Pennsylvania Railroad Company, Before the New York Society of Security Analysts 6-13-1958 (PRR Bevan Address 6-13-1958.pdf) 697KB

Special Instructions for Hurricanes and Snow Storms, Chesapeake Region 10-1-1957 (PRR Storm Instructions 10-1-1957.pdf) 1.855MB

Hearings on the Railroad Situation 1-1958 Before the Surface Transportation Subcommittee, Senate Committee on Interstate and Foreign Commerce, Exhibit Accompanying Testimony of James M. Symes, President, The Pennsylvania Railroad Company (PRR Symes Testimony 1-1958.pdf) 11.254MB

"The Future of the Railroads" Address by James M. Symes, President, The Pennsylvania Railroad, at Luncheon Meeting of the Executives' Club of Chicago 9-20-1957 (PRR Future of the RRs 9-20-1957.pdf) 3.103MB

Before the Interstate Commerce Commission Docket No. 31954 "Railroad Passenger Train Deficit" Item 7 Exhibit Accompanying Testimony of Walter W. Patchell, Vice President, Research and Development, The Pennsylvania Railroad Company c.1957 (PRR Patchell Testimony.pdf) 7.168MB

Pennsylvania Railroad Policy - Place in the Economy; Employes; Stockholders; Public and Community Relations; Passengers; Mail and Express; Freight; Outlook for the Future 4-1957 (PRR Policy 4-1957.pdf) 8.516MB

Conway Yard Brochure c.1957 (PRR Conway Yard.pdf) 4.551MB

"Announcing the New Organization of the Pennsylvania Railroad" c.1955 (PRR Reorg 1955.pdf) 12.886MB

"The Outlook for the Pennsylvania Railroad as of May 10, 1955" by J.M. Symes (PRR Outlook 5-10-1955.pdf)

Vapor-Clarkson Steam Generator Operating Instructions 3-18-1955 (PRR V-C Operating Instructions 3-18-1955.pdf)

Ticketeer Circular #1 7-30-1954 (PRR Ticketeer Circular #1 7-30-1954.pdf)

Ticket Sales and Service Matrices for Ticketeers 7-26-1954 (PRR Ticket Sales Matrices 7-26-1954.pdf) 7.168MB

"The Future of New Jersey and the Future of its Railroads Will Go Hand in Hand" Remarks of Ralph C. Champlin, Vice President-Public Relations, The Pennsylvania Railroad Company Before Burlington County Board of Realtors at Moorestown, New Jersey, 3-17-1954 (PRR NJ & RRs Futures 3-17-1954.pdf)

1954 "What People Think About the Pennsylvania Railroad" Summary of an opinion survey conducted for the Pennsylvania Railroad Company by Opinion Research Corp., Princeton, NJ (PRR Survey 1954.pdf)

"A Pictorial Review of Progress on the Pennsylvania Railroad" 3-1953 (PRR Pictorial Review 3-1953.pdf) 41.76MB

"United We Stand" An address by James P. Newell, Vice President, Operation, The Pennsylvania Railroad Company, before the Railway Supply Group of the Union League Club, Chicago, IL 1-9-1953 (PRR United We Stand 1-9-1953.pdf) 874KB

Weirton Jct. (possibly calander) Painting c.1953 (PRR PH Painting 1953.pdf) 13.658MB

105th Annual Meeting 5-13-1952 (PRR 105th Annual Meeting 5-13-1952.pdf) 1.449MB

Pamphlet Descriptive of Corporations in Which The Pennsylvania Railroad Company and its Subsidiary and Affiliated Companies are Interested Through Ownership of Securities, Leases or Otherwise, Office of the Comptroller, Philadelphia, 1952 (PRR Subsidiaries Affiliates 1952.pdf) 5.114MB

"Defense and the Railroad Problem" J.M. Symes Vice President - Operation (An address before the Fifth Annual Conference of Bank Correspondents at St. Louis, MO) 11-6-1951 (PRR Defense & RR Problem 11-6-1951.pdf)

F.D. 3011 - Revised. "The Pennsylvania Railroad Company, Waynesburg and Washington Railroad Company, Winfield Railroad Company, The Pullman Company" Tariff Location Notice 3-13-1951

Color Original (PRR FD 3011 Original 3-13-1951.pdf)
B&W (PRR FD 3011 B&W 3-13-1951.pdf)

"The Pennsylvania Railroad and The Long Island Railroad: A Review of Their Relations and the Present Situation" A Statement to the Stockholders of The Pennsylvania Railroad by Walter S. Franklin, President, The Pennsylvania Railroad 2-8-1951 (PRR + LIRR 2-8-1951.pdf) 1.061MB

Porter County High School All-Expense Tour Train #58 Dinner Menu (PRR HS Train #58 10-25-1950.pdf) Courtesy Doug Kreinbihl Collection

"This Thing Called Railroading" by Peter L. Schauble, Haverford, PA 1949 (PRR This Thing Called RRing.pdf) 1.285MB

Centennial History of the Pennsylvania Railroad Company 1846-1946 by George H. Burgess and Miles C. Kennedy of Coverdale & Colpitts with a forward by Martin W. Clement, President of the Pennsylvania Railroad Company 1949

Introduction (PRR CH Intro.pdf) 4.6678MB
Part One - Background and Beginnings (PRR CH Part One.pdf) 26.193MB
Part Two - The Great Administration of J. Edgar Thomson: The Pennsylvania Expands To Its Present Contours (1852-1874) (PRR CH Part Two.pdf) 80.018MB
Part Three - The Administration of Colonel "Tom" Scott And The Depression Of The Seventies (1974-1880) (PRR CH Part Three.pdf) 35.612MB
Part Five - The Short Administration Of President Frank Thomson (1897-1899) (PRR CH Part Five.pdf) 4.598MB
Part Six - The Engineering Administration of President Cassatt (1899-1906) (PRR CH Part Six.pdf) 25.197MB
Part Seven - Administration of James McCrea (1907-1913) (PRR CH Part Seven.pdf) 10.846MB
Part Eight - The Rea Administration (1913-1925) Period Of The First World War And Its Aftermath (PRR CH Part Eight.pdf) 14.692MB
Part Nine - Administration of William Wallace Attrbury (1925-1935) (PRR CH Part Nine.pdf) 14.059MB
Part Ten - The Present Administration (1935- ) (PRR CH Part Ten.pdf) 18.093MB
Appendix (PRR CH Appendix.pdf) 113.017MB
Index (PRR CH Index.pdf) 2.692MB

"1948 Traffic Density on the PRR" Central Region Map (RNE 3-1979 pp 22-25.pdf) (Courtesy of Rails Northeast Magazine, 3-1979, pp. 12-21)

"One Hundred Years of Transportation Progress 1846-1946" 3-1946 (PRR 100 Years of Trans Progress 1846-1946.pdf) 2.804MB

C.T. 1000 List of Stations and Sidings and Instructions for Making Reports to the Superintendent Car Service 5-1-1945 (PRR CT 1000 Stations & Sidings 5-1-1945.pdf) 53.115MB

Tools and Supplies Missing From Locomotives form 7-21-1941 (PRR MP 10 10M 7-21-1941.pdf)

"When East Meets West" (Booklet for Golden Gate International Exposition visitors) c.1939 (PRR When East Meets West c.1939.pdf) 3.246MB

"Modern Locomotives and Cars" 1939 (PRR Modern Locos & Cars 1939.pdf) 4.612MB

"100 Years of Progress in Modern Railroading" 1937 (PRR 100 Yrs Progress Modern RRing.pdf) 4.056MB

"100 Years of Progress in Modern Railroading 1833-1933" 1933 (PRR 100 Years of Progress 1833-1933.pdf) 1.882MB

"Americanism Will Win!" W.W. Atterbury, President, Pennsylvania Railroad, Address before the Pennsylvania Society, 12-16-1933 (PRR Americanism 12-16-1933.pdf) 417KB

"Railroad Ills and Remedies: Broad Consolidation the Way Out - Disasterous Experiences of Government Ownership in Canada" W.W. Atterbury, President, Pennsylvania Railroad, Address at the 25th Anniversary of the Harvard Graduate School of Business Administration 6-9-1933 (PRR RR Ills 6-9-1933.pdf) 1.169MB

"Railroads and Trucks: What Is a Fair Deal for Both? Some Pactical Suggestions for a Co-operative Solution" Address by Elisha Lee, Vice President, The Pennsylvania Railroad. Delivered before the American Society of Civil Engineers, Atlantic City, NJ 10-5-1932 (PRR RRs & Trucks.pdf) 1.799MB

"The Conservation of Industrial Acreage" 5-1929 (PRR UP 5-1929.pdf) 2.063MB

Pennsylvania System General Notice No. 203 Guide Showing the Direct Connections of the Railroads, which are Direct Connections of the Pennsylvania System 1-15-1922 (PRR Connections 1-15-1922.pdf) 3.334MB

"Progress or Paralysis for 1920" Address of Mr. Samuel Rea, President, The Pennsylvania Railroad System. Delivered before the Detroit Real Estate Board, Detroit, MI 1-15-1920 (PRR Progress or Paralysis 1-15-1920.pdf)

C.T. 200 The Pennsylvania Railroad Company; Philadelphia, Baltimore & Washington Railroad Co.; West Jersey & Seashore Railroad Co.; Office of General Manager; Adjusted Tonnage Ratings 2-1-1915 (PRR Tonnage Ratings 2-1-1915.pdf) 1.703MB



Bughman, Wylie, et al.-Manor Real Estate and Trust Co. for reservoir and other works property at West Homestead, PA 4-5-1907 (Bughman et al-Manor Real Estate 4-5-1907.pdf) 6.040MB

Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Chicago & St. Louis Rwy Co. - Thomas Cunningham for property at Pittsburgh 6-17-1898 (PCCSTL-Cunningham 6-17-1898.pdf) 1.912MB

Lease - The Cleveland and Pittsburgh Railroad Company to The Pennsylvania Railroad Company Dated 10-25-1871; Of Railroad and Properties for 999 Years from 12-1-1871 And Supplements; Also Assignments to Pennsylvania Company (C&P-PRR Lease Agreement 10-25-1871.pdf) 4.390MB


System Inspection Trips

Board of Directors Inspection Trip (Philadelphia-Harrisburg-Altoona-Greensburg-Pittsburgh-Rochester-Alliance-Cleveland-Husdon-Akron-Hudson-Alliance-Rochester-Pittsburgh-Hollidaysburg-Harrisburg-Philadelphia) 10-1957 (PRR Inspection Trip 10-1957.pdf) 5.244MB

Board of Directors Inspection Trip (Philadelphia-Harrisburg-Altoona-Greensburg-Pittsburgh-Weirton-Columbus-Xenia-Indianapolis-St. Louis--Wabash RR--Ft. Wayne-Alliance-Youngstown-Rochester-Pittsburgh-Altoona-Harrisburg-Philadelphia) 11-1956 (PRR Inspection Trip 11-1956.pdf) 4.427MB

Board of Directors Inspection Trip (Philadelphia-Altoona-Pittsburgh-Weirton-Columbus-Xenia-Cincinnati-Richmond-Indianapolis-Richmond-New Paris-Xenia-Rochester-Hollidaysburg-Philadelphia) 11-1955 (PRR Inspection Trip 11-1955.pdf) 4.297MB

Board of Directors Inspection Trip (Philadelphia-Harrisburg-Buffalo-Erie-New Castle-Hudson-Cleveland-Hudson-Warwick-Yellow Creek-Rochester-Altoona-Harrisburg-Philadelphia) 11-1954 (PRR Inspection Trip 11-1954.pdf) 2.605MB

Inspection Tour of the Physical Properties of the Pennsylvania Railroad in the Pittsburgh District (Pittsburgh Penn Station-Scully-Mingo Jct.-Yellow Creek-Rochester-Pittsburgh Federal St.-Aspinwall-Butler Jct.-Kiskiminetas Jct.-Verona-CM/East Liberty-Braddock-Pitcairn-Thompson-Shire Oaks-Thompson-Homestead-Monon-Pittsburgh Penn Station) 1-10-1937 (PRR Pgh District Inspection Trip 1-10-1937.pdf) 4.541MB



Port of Baltimore Harbor Facilities 9-1949 (PRR Baltimore Port 9-1949.pdf) 6.575MB
Port of Philadelphia Harbor Facilities 9-1949 (PRR Philadelphia Port 9-1949.pdf) 6.481MB


East-West Passenger Train Consists

4-24-1960 (PRR Passenger Consists 4-24-1960.pdf) 3.772MB
4-26-1964 (PRR Passenger Consists 4-26-1964.pdf) 4.833MB
4-30-1967 (PRR Passenger Consists 4-30-1967.pdf) 3.668MB
10-29-1967 (PRR Passenger Consists 10-29-1967.pdf) 3.275MB


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"Along These Lines" (Along These Lines.pdf) 1.99MB
"What it takes to move a division" (Move a Division.pdf) 1.65MB
"There's another good reason we'll win this war!" (Win This War.pdf) 1.717MB


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