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Tusky Mine

D-2177 & D-2177-1 (Rosebud Tusky Mine D-2177 & D-2177-1 Map.pdf)
D-2177-2 (Rosebud Tusky Mine D-2177-2 Map.pdf)
D-2177-3 (Rosebud Tusky Mine D-2177-3 Map.pdf)
D-2177-4 (Rosebud Tusky Mine D-2177-4 Map.pdf)
D-2177-5 (Rosebud Tusky Mine D-2177-5 Map.pdf)
D-2177-6 (Rosebud Tusky Mine D-2177-6 Map.pdf)

Hope Rd. Mine 2-18-2011 (Rosebud Hope Rd Mine Map.pdf)
Smith Evergreen Mine 5-25-2010 (Rosebud Smith Evergreen Mine Map.pdf)
DM-6 3-11-2009 (Rosebud DM-6 Map.pdf)
DM-16 11-27-2007 (Rosebud DM-16 Map.pdf)
Dohrman Underground 2015 (Rosebud Dohrman Underground Map 2015.pdf)


Mine Info

Tusky Mine and extensions

Stats (Rosebud Tusky Mine Stats.rtf)
D-2177 Public Notice 3-14-2013 (Rosebud Tusky Mine D-2177 Permit TR 3-14-2013.pdf) Courtesy Dover-New Philadelphia Times-Reporter
D-2177-6 Public Notice 3-8-2013 (Rosebud Tusky Mine D-2177-6 Permit TR 3-8-2013 B8.pdf) Courtesy Dover-New Philadelphia Times-Reporter

Hope Rd. Mine

Public Notice 4-25-2011 (Rosebud Hope Rd Mine Permit TR 4-25-2011 B7.pdf) Courtesy Dover-New Philadelphia Times-Reporter



"Short distances, big opportunity" (R.J. Corman hauling Rosebud Mining unit trains in central PA) Trains Magazine 9-2012 pp.24-27.


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