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Tuscarawas County Commissioners

Resolution 691-2001 10-18-2001 providing the Tuscarawas County Port Authority with All Powers Permitted by Ohio Law (TCC 691-2001.pdf)

Resolution 696-2000 11-20-2000 creating the Tuscarawas County Port Authority, Providing for the Organization Thereof, and Appointing Members to the Board of Directors (TCC 696-2000.pdf)

Resolution 074-92 2-13-1992 granting Caprail I, Inc. a three year tax exemption (TCC 074-92 2-13-1992.pdf)

Multi-County Waste Disposal Supplemental Agreement (Stark, Tuscarawas & Wayne) 11-28-1988 (STWJSWMD Resolution 11-28-1988.pdf)


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