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2003 Public Utility Property Tax Overview (Public Utility Property Tax.pdf) 176KB

2004 Class 1 Railroads Annual Tax Report Form (04_RR1.xls) 340KB

2004 Class 1 Railroads County and Taxing District Recap Form (04_RR1_ RECAP.xls) 19KB

2004 Railroads other than Class 1 Annual Tax Report Form (04_RR2.xls) 344KB

2004 Railroads other than Class 1 County and Taxing District Recap Form (04_RR2_ RECAP.xls) 19KB

Note- forms extracted from ODT online ZIP files.

Railroad Property Tax Assessments:


Jefferson County-

1991 (Jefferson 1991.pdf) 208KB
1992 (Jefferson 1992.pdf) 208KB
1994 (Jefferson 1994.pdf) 207KB
Panhandle Analysis (CR & C&ORR Jefferson.xls) 10KB

Tuscarawas County-

1990-2003 including Continuous Panhandle Ownership (CR Tuscarawas.xls) 37KB

Coshocton County-

1992 (Coshocton 1992.pdf) 94KB

Muskingum County-

1992 (Muskingum 1992.pdf) 121KB

Licking County-

1992 (Licking 1992.pdf) 125KB



Guernsey County-

1995 (Guernsey 1995.pdf) 176KB
2003 (Guernsey 2003.pdf) 155KB
Analysis (CSX Guernsey.xls) 11KB


Norfolk Southern (Zanesville Line)

Tuscarawas County-

1982-1991 (including projected continuous Zanesville Line ownership) (NS Tuscarawas.xls) 16KB


Summit View, Inc. (Columbus & Ohio River RR)

Jefferson County-

2003 (Jefferson 2003.pdf) 57KB
1994 (Jefferson 1994.pdf) 50KB

Harrison County-

2003 (Harrison 2003.pdf) 73KB
1997 (Harrison 1997.pdf) 84KB
1996 (Harrison 1996.pdf) 86KB

Tuscarawas County-

2004 (Tuscarawas 2004.pdf) 317KB
1996 (Tuscarawas 1996.pdf)
1990-2003 (including projected continuous Panhandle Rail Line ownership) (CR Tuscarawas.xls) 37KB

Coshocton County-

2003 (Coshocton 2003.pdf) 68KB
1993 (Coshocton 1993.pdf) 71KB

Muskingum County-

2003 (Muskingum 2003.pdf) 59KB
1993 (Muskingum 1993.pdf) 59KB

Licking County-

2003 (Licking 2003.pdf) 63KB
1993 (Licking 1993.pdf) 127KB


Summit View, Inc. (Ohio Central RR)

Tuscarawas County-

1988-2004 (OCRR Tuscarawas.xls) 38KB



Tuscarawas County Conrail Continuous Panhandle Ownership vs. Columbus & Ohio River RR Co. (CR-C&ORR Spread Tuscarawas.xls) 43KB

Conrail, Columbus & Ohio River RR Panhandle Rail Line Property Tax Assessments

1990-2004 Jefferson, Harrison, Tuscarawas, Coshocton, Muskingum, Licking (Panhandle Valuation.xls) 19KB

Telecommunication Property Tax Assessments:

Global Crossing

Guernsey County-

2003 (Guernsey 2003.pdf) 52KB


Coshocton County-

10-5-1998 (Coshocton 10-5-1998.pdf) 76KB
(Coshocton 12-8-1998.pdf) 83KB
(Coshocton 10-6-2003.pdf) 146KB

Muskingum County-

10-5-1998 (Muskingum 10-5-1998.pdf) 54KB
12-2-1998 (Muskingum 12-2-1998.pdf) 63KB
2003 (Muskingum 2003.pdf) 50KB

Licking County-

1998 (Licking 10-5-1998.pdf) 72KB
1998 (Licking 12-2-1998.pdf) 98KB
2003 (Licking 2003.pdf) 55KB

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