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State of Ohio Department of Taxation MCI Property Tax Assessments

Coshocton County-

10-6-2003 (Coshocton 10-6-2003.pdf) 146KB
12-8-1998 (Coshocton 12-8-1998.pdf) 83KB
10-5-1998 (Coshocton 10-5-1998.pdf) 76KB

Muskingum County-

2003 (Muskingum 2003.pdf) 50KB
12-2-1998 (Muskingum 12-2-1998.pdf) 63KB
10-5-1998 (Muskingum 10-5-1998.pdf) 54KB

Licking County-

2003 (Licking 2003.pdf) KB
12-2-1998 (Licking 12-2-1998.pdf) KB
10-5-1998 (Licking 10-5-1998.pdf) KB


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