Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railway Archives



System Map 12-1990 (ATSF System Map 12-1990.pdf) 13.132MB

Rate Group Map of the United States "This map shows railroads and railroad rate territories of the United States, along with Santa Fe rail-truck routes and rate committee memberships." System Map 2-1976

Front (ATSF System Map Front 2-1976.pdf) 16.004MB
Back (ATSF System Map Back 2-1976.pdf) 2.937MB


Employee Timetables

System #5 4-16-1995 (ATSF System ETT #5 4-16-1995.pdf) Warning - 130.3MB

Albuquerque Division #1 1-5-1975 (ATSF Albuquerque Div ETT #1 1-5-1975.pdf)

Eastern District Illinois Division #4 1-12-1958 (ATSF IL Div ETT #4 1-12-1958.pdf) 5.073MB


Track Charts

Illinois Division 4-1988 (ATSF Illinois Div Track Chart 4-1988.pdf) 6.024MB
Albuquerque Division 5-15-1986 (ATSF Albuquerque Div Track Chart 5-15-1986.pdf) 40.2MB
Middle Division 2-18-1986 (ATSF Middle Div Track Chart 2-18-1986.pdf) 25.6MB
Eastern Division 7-20-1978 (ATSF Eastern Div Track Chart 7-20-1978.pdf) 21.2MB


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