Proposed Conrail + Norfolk Southern Merger Archives



Coalition of Americans for Privatization letter from Wayne Valis, Executive Director and Jerry Rapp, Secretary to those friends interested in the sale of Conrail to Norfolk Southern; choices, benefits, CAP application form. c.7-13-1986. (CR+NS CAP c7-13-1986.pdf)

Value of Offers by Norfolk Southern, Morgan Stanley, and Allen & Company for Conrail (CR+NS Offer Values.pdf)

Federal Railroad Administration Government's Investment in Conrail (CR+NS FRA Govt Investment in CR.pdf)

Kidder, Peabody & Co. Company Follow-Up for Norfolk Southern Corp. 7-15-1985 (CR+NS Kidder Peabody Follow-up 7-15-1985.pdf) 2.006MB

Morgan Staley Claim Myths (CR+NS Morgan Stanley Myths.pdf)

NS Contributions to Communities it Serves (CR+NS Community Contributions.pdf)

NS & P&LE Divestiture Agreement 4-19-1985 (CR+NS Acq-P&LE Divest Agreement 4-19-1985.pdf) 5.582MB

NS Purchase of Conrail Facts (CR+NS Purchase Highlights + Map.pdf)

NS Editorials In Support Of Selling Conrail to Norfolk Southern 1-1986 (CR+NS Editorials Supporting Sale 1-1986.pdf) 5.775MB

NS Major Cleveland Customers 1-16-1984 (CR+NS Major Cleveland Customers 1-16-1984.pdf) 1.179MB

NS (Possible) System Map (CR+NS Possible System Map.pdf) 2.954MB

NS System Long Haul Traffic Conversion 5-28-1982 (CR+NS Long Haul Traffic 5-28-1982.pdf) 8.153MB

NS Sale Flyer with Proposed System Map (CR+NS Sale Flyer+Map.pdf) 2.922MB

NS Materials Relating to the Sale of Conrail 6-1985 (CR+NS Sale Related Materials 6-1985.pdf) 8.242MB

Post-Divestiture Proposed System Map 3-1985 (CR+NS Proposed System Map 3-1985.pdf)

FRA Administrator John H. Riley testimony before the U.S. House Energy & Commerce Subcommittee on Commerce, Transportation and Tourism regarding Allen & Co.'s offer (CR+NS Riley Testimony.pdf)

Transportation Research Forum-Arthur W. Todd review of "Transportation and the Cleveland Economy" by Dr. Thomas J. Zlatoper 7-10-1985 (CR+NS TRF-Todd 7-10-1985.pdf)

Potential Traffic (CR+NS Potential Traffic.pdf)

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