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Note: If you have a ZTS chart that could help complete this collection for public use, please contact Multimodalways to arrange for its free digitization, a backup copy on CD, and credit to your collection.


Columbus Division 10-1984 (CR Columbus ZTS 10-1984.pdf) 6.282MB
Southwest Division 12-1984 (CR SW ZTS 12-1984.pdf) 1.001MB
Youngstown Division 1984 (CR Youngstown ZTS 7-1984.pdf) 16.042MB

Chicago Division 11-1985 (CR Chicago ZTS 11-1985.pdf) 7.516MB
Chicago Division Revision Inserts 11-1985 (CR Chicago ZTS 11-1985x.pdf)
Cleveland Division 11-1985 (CR Cleveland ZTS 11-1985.pdf) 4.437MB
Toledo Division 12-1985 (CR Toledo ZTS 12-1985.pdf) 6.728MB

Allegheny Division 10-1986 (CR Allegheny ZTS 10-1986.pdf) 4.307MB
Chicago Division 12-1986 (Modified Format) (CR Chicago ZTS 12-1986.pdf) 12.119MB Courtesy David Mangold Collection
Cleveland Division (Modified Format) 3-1986 (CR Cleveland ZTS 3-1986.pdf) 5.8MB Revised 6-30-2012
Southwest Division 11-1986 (CR SW ZTS 4-1986x.pdf) 6.589MB (Missing Zone 2 p.11 layout)
Southwest Division 11-1986 (Modified Format) (CR SW ZTS 11-1986.pdf) 11.1MB Courtesy David Mangold Collection

Cleveland Division (CR Cleveland ZTS 3-1987x.pdf) 1.914MB Appear to be update inserts to previous versions
Columbus Division (missing Zone 29 p.14 chart, Zone 29 p.15 list) 1-1987 (CR Columbus ZTS 1-1987x.pdf) 5.968MB
New England Division 2-1987 (CR New England ZTS 2-1987.pdf) 6.62MB
New Jersey Division Volume II 3-1987 (Missing 21-2 map, 21-3 list) (CR NJ V2 ZTS 3-1987x.pdf) 12.486MB
Southern Tier Division 5-1987 (CR Southern Tier ZTS 5-1987.pdf) 3.536MB
Toledo Division 12-1986 (Missing Livernois Yard map, Detroit North Yard map, pp. 62-7 - 62-10, pp. 66-1 - 66-2, pp. 66-5 - 66-6, River Rouge Yard map, p. 66-11 list, 66-12 map, p. 68-1 list, p. 68-3 map, p. 68.4 list, pp.74-9 list - 74-10 list, pp. 74-11 Stanley Yard Map - 78-19 list, pp. 79-1 list - 79-5 list, pp. 79.8 map - 79-24 list, pp. 79-27 list - 79-36 list) (CR Toledo ZTS 12-1986x.pdf) 2.51MB
Youngstown Division 6-1987 (CR Youngstown ZTS 6-1987.pdf) 13.191MB

Allegheny Division 2-1988, 5-1988 (CR Allegheny ZTS 5-1988.pdf) 14.825MB Courtesy Keith Burkey Collection
New Jersey Division Volume II 1-1988 Reissued 10-1988 (CR NJ V2 ZTS 1-1988.pdf) 8.018MB

Albany Division Volume 3 12-1989 (CR Albany V3 ZTS 12-1989.pdf) 3.51MB
Albany Division Volume 4 12-1989 (CR Albany V4 ZTS 12-1989.pdf) 13.803MB
Harrisburg Division Volume 2 7-1989 (CR Harrisburg V2 ZTS 7-1989.pdf) 4.593MB
Indianapolis Division Volume 1 9-1989 (CR Indy V1 ZTS 9-1989.pdf) 5.214MB
Pittsburgh Division Volume 2 6-1989 (CR Pgh V2 ZTS 6-1989.pdf) 2.066MB

Philadelphia Division Volume 4 8-1991 (CR Phila V4 ZTS 8-1991.pdf) 9.738MB

Harrisburg Division Volume 1 10-1992 (CR Harrisburg V1 ZTS 10-1992.pdf) 7.285MB
Pittsburgh Division Volume 2 5-1992 (CR Pgh Div V2 ZTS 5-1992.pdf) 4.044MB
Pittsburgh Division Volume 3 2-1992 (CR Pgh V3 ZTS 2-1992.pdf) 4.693MB

Dearborn Division Volume 3 11-1993 (CR Dearborn V3 ZTS 11-1993.pdf) 6.958MB
Harrisburg Division Volume 2 1-1993 (CR Harrisburg V2 ZTS 1-1993.pdf) 4.183MB
Harrisburg Division Volume 3 4-1993 (CR Harrisburg V3 ZTS 4-1993.pdf) 9.852MB
Philadelphia Division Volume 1 10-1993 (CR Phila V1 ZTS 10-1993.pdf) 11.595MB
Pittsburgh Division Volume 1 12-1993 (CR Pgh V1 ZTS 12-1993.pdf) 9.088MB

Philadelphia Division Volume 3 4-1994 (CR Phila V3 ZTS 4-1994.pdf) 6.128MB
Philadelphia Division Volume 4 10-1994 (CR Phila V4 ZTS 10-1994.pdf) 6.995MB
Indianapolis Division Volume 1 8-1994 (CR Indy V1 ZTS 8-1994.pdf) 4.236MB

Dearborn Division Volume 2 3-1995 (CR Dearborn V2 ZTS 3-1995.pdf) 6.077MB

Indianapolis Division Volume 1 2-1996 (CR Indy V1 ZTS 2-1996.pdf) 4.235MB
Indianapolis Division Volume 2 3-1996 (CR Indy V2 ZTS 3-1996.pdf) 4.623MB
Pittsburgh Division Volume 1 11-1996 (CR Pgh V1 ZTS 11-1996.pdf) 6.028MB

Pittsburgh Division Volume 2 8-1997 (CR Pgh V2 ZTS 8-1997.pdf) 3.457MB


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