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Valuation Maps

Yard Maps

Crestline Yard Diagram c.2011 (CSX Crestline Yard Map c2011.pdf)


Service Lane and Business Unit Maps

Albany Service Lane 5-18-1999 (CSX Albany SL Map 5-18-1999.pdf) 6.17MB
Appalachian Service Lane (CSX App SL Map.pdf) 2.259MB
Atlanta Service Lane 9-3-1998 (CSX Atlanta SL Map 9-3-1998.pdf) 5.887MB
Baltimore Service Lane (CSX Baltimore SL Map.pdf) 4.531MB
C&O Business Unit 9-2-1998 (CSX C&O BU Map 9-2-1998.pdf) 4.927MB
Chicago Service Lane 9-10-1998 (CSX Chicago SL Map 9-10-1998.pdf) 2.168MB
Cumberland Coal Business Unit 9-22-1998 (CSX Cumberland Coal BU Map 9-22-1998.pdf) 1.844MB
Detroit Service Lane (CSX Detroit SL Map.pdf) 2.661MB
Florida Business Unit 10-16-1998 (CSX FL BU Map 10-16-1998.pdf) 2.745MB
Florence Service Lane (CSX Florence SL Map.pdf) 4.82MB
Great Lakes Service Lane (CSX GL SL Map.pdf) 3.923MB
Indianapolis Service Lane 5-17-1999 (CSX Indy SL Map 5-17-1999.pdf) 3.994MB
Jacksonville Service Map 2-3-1999 (CSX Jacksonville SL Map 2-3-1999.pdf) 4.062MB
Louisville Service Lane (CSX Louisville SL Map.pdf) 5.349MB
Nashville Service Lane 9-23-1998 (CSX Nashville SL Map 9-23-1998.pdf) 5.349MB


System Maps


Front (CSX System Map Front 2000.pdf) 4.151MB Courtesy David Mangold Collection
Back (CSX System Map Back 2000.pdf) 5.669MB Courtesy David Mangold Collection


Front (CSX System Map Front 1998.pdf) 4.085MB Courtesy David Mangold Collection
Back (CSX System Map Back 1998.pdf) 6.028MB Courtesy David Mangold Collection


Front (CSX System Map 1995 Front.pdf) 14.977MB
Back (CSX System Map 1995 Back.pdf) 5.299MB


Front (CSX System Map 1990 Front.pdf) 5.945MB
Back (CSX System Map 1990 Back.pdf) 26.852MB


Front (CSX System Map 1987 Front.pdf) 14.050MB
Back (CSX System Map 1987 Back.pdf) 4.315MB


Front (CSX System Map Front 11-1-1981.pdf) 5.643MB
Back (CSX System Map Back 11-1-1981.pdf) 6.243MB


Division Maps

Division Map 1987 (CSX Division Map 1987.pdf) 2.79MB


Chessie System Maps

Chessie System System Map 1-1-1978 (CS System Map 1-1-1978.pdf) 5.601MB

Chessie System Diagram Map Ex Parte No. 274 (Sub-No.2) Abandonment of Rail Lines & Discontinuance of Service Dwg. No. 29820

6-30-1981 (CS Abandonment Map 6-30-1981.pdf) 4.656MB
3-15-1977 (CS Abandonment Map 3-15-1977.pdf) 4.838MB


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