Grand Trunk Western Railroad Archives



Official Railway Map of the State of Michigan 1985 (MDOT RR Map 1985.pdf) 3.476MB Scanning courtesy Stephen Titchenal Rails & Trails


Track Charts

1995 Maintenance Program & Track Chart screen view (GTW Track Chart 1995.pdf) 3.489MB

1993 Maintenance Program & Track Chart (GTW Track Chart 1993.pdf) 4.873MB


Track Chart Ohio Division (excluding Napoleon Subdivision) (GTW Ohio Div Track Chart 1991.pdf) 11.276MB

Maintenance Program & Track Chart Volume 2 (Holly Subdivision, Shore Line Subdivision, Mount Clemens Subdivision, Romeo Subdivision, Pontiac Belt Line, Jackson Subdivision, Cass City Subdivision) (GTW Vol 2 Subdivs Track Chart 1991.pdf) 14.628MB

Maintenance Program & Track Chart Volume 3 (Dearborn Subdivision, River Subdivision, Flat Rock Subdivision, Springfield Subdivision) (GTW Vol 3 Subdivs Track Chart 1991.pdf) 11.844MB

1985 Maintenance Program & Track Chart Chicago Division (GTW Chicago Div Track Chart 1985.pdf) 21.735MB


Conrail Dispatcher Sheets

HF Tower, South Bend, IN (Conrail and Grand Trunk Western)

1-30-1985 (CR HF Tower South Bend OS 1-30-1985.pdf) 1.587MB
1-31-1985 (CR HF Tower South Bend OS 1-31-1985.pdf) 1.578MB


Employee Timetables

#22 4-28-1974 (GTW ETT #22 4-28-1974.pdf) 3.64MB


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