Monongahela Railway Archives



Track Charts

Waynesburg Southern Branch 7-22-1968 (Mon WS Branch Track Chart 7-22-1968.pdf) 234KB

12-1989 (Mon Track Chart 12-1989.pdf) 4.058MB

1991 (Mon Track Chart 1991.pdf) 4.254MB


Valuation Sections of the Monongahela Railway and Leased Lines, Brownsville, Penn'a 4-11-1927 Revised 1-15-1935 (Mon Rwy System Map 1-15-1935.pdf) 1.404MB

System Map 6-1-1950 (Mon Rwy System Map 6-1-1950.pdf) 982KB

Conrail and the Monongahela Railway In Relation to Other Railroads 4-11-1991 (CR Mon Rwy Map 4-11-1991.pdf) 779KB

Employee Timetables

ETT #7 1-20-1991 (Mon ETT #7 1-20-1991.pdf) 1.809MB Courtesy Harold Mickley Collection

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