New York Central Railroad Co. Archives
(Includes the Cleveland, Cincinnati, Chicago & St. Louis Railway Co.)




Dispatcher Sheets

Employee Timetables


Train Orders

Track Diagrams

Standard Plans



List of Station Numbers and Junction Points (including the Pittsburgh & Lake Erie RR) 3-1-1950 (NYC Stations and Junctions 3-1-1950.pdf) 50.535MB

Fast Freight Train Schedules 9-1947 (NYC Fast Freight Train Schedules 9-1947.pdf) 5.992MB Courtesy Geoffrey Hubbs Collection

Cleveland, Cincinnati, Chicago & St. Louis Rwy Co. General Specifications - Railroad and Highway Bridges, Roofs and Buildings 1900 (CCC&STL Bridge Roof Bldg Specs 1900.pdf) 2.14MB Courtesy Stephen Titchenal



C.A. Dobbins-A.L. Sayles 10-23-1950 (NYC Dobbins-Sayles 10-23-1950.pdf)


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