Pittsburgh & Lake Erie Railroad Maps

(Includes the Mahoning State Line Railroad)


Valuation Maps

System Maps

9-1-1960 (including the Lake Erie & Eastern RR) (P&LE System Map 9-1-1960.pdf) 2.729MB
Undated system map (P&LE System Map.pdf) 3.593MB
Proposed NS-CR merger (CR-NS-P&LE Proposed System Map.pdf) 2.673MB

Mahoning State Line Railroad Maps

Exhibit "A" P&LERR Plan to Accompany Agreement Between the Pittsburgh & Lake Erie Railroad Company, Lessee of the Mahoning State Line Railroad Company and the Pennsylvania Railroad Company - Hillsville and Walford Sections, Lawrence County, PA 7-15-1941 (P&LE MSLRR Track Map 7-15-1941.pdf) 3.731MB

Hillsville Quarry, Michigan Limestone Division, United States Steel Corporation Map 10-1-1960 (P&LE MSLRR USS Hillsville Quarry Map 10-1-1960.pdf) 19.045MB

Johnson's Branch Cross Sections A/C Proposed Track Layout for Michigan Limestone Division, United States Steel Corp., Hillsville, PA

2-4-1964 (P&LE MSLRR Proposed Track Layout 2-4-1964.pdf) 1.798MB
2-24-1964 (P&LE MSLRR Proposed Track Layout 2-24-1964.pdf) 1.659MB
4-20-1964 (P&LE MSLRR Proposed Track Layout 4-20-1964.pdf) 1.519MB


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