Pittsburgh & Lake Erie Railroad Track Charts


P&LE Division (Pittsburgh-Youngstown) and Branches, Also LE&E RR (Conrail era) (P&LE Track Chart.pdf) 24.854MB


Ohio River Branch
Beaver Valley RR
Branch Brady's Run Branch
Elwood City Branch
Koppel Branch
Crescent Branch
New Castle Branch
Lowellville Branch
Mahoning State Line RR
MSLRR Walford Branch
MSLRR Johnson Branch
MSLRR Switchback
Youngstown Branch
Lake Erie & Eastern RR

Information Concerning the New East Youngstown Freight Car Classification Yard MP 56-MP 63+ 10-1957 (P&LE East Youngstown Yard 10-1957.pdf) 1.92MB (aka Gateway Yard)

Google Earth layer of P&LE main lines updated 12-17-2021

Google Earth layer of P&LE branch lines updated 12-17-2021


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