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2005 (CO Railcar Lit 2005.pdf) 3.348MB Courtesy David Mangold Collection
2004 (CO Railcar Lit 2004.pdf) 1.845MB Courtesy David Mangold Collection
2003 (CO Railcar Lit 2003.pdf) 11.936MB Courtesy David Mangold Collection
2002 (CO Railcar Lit 2002.pdf) 6.434MB Courtesy David Mangold Collection



Duke University Center on Globalization, Governance & Competitiveness

U.S. Manufacture of Rail Vehicles for Intercity Passenger Rail and Urban Transit 6-24-2010 (U.S._Manufacture_of_Rail_Vehicles_for_Intercity_Passenger_Rail_and_Urban_Transit.pdf)
U.S. Passenger and Transit Rail Equipment Manufacture: Final Data (Lowe_TMAP_Rail_Final_Data_06-23-2010.pdf)

GO Transit

Consulting Services for a Light Rail Feasibility Study on the Stouffville Corridor (2009_GO_Transit_Stouffville_Line.pdf)

Ohio Rail Development Commission

Equipment: Locomotive Hauled vs. Diesel Multiple Units Presentation 11-19-2009 (ORDC 3C Equipment Presentation 11-19-2009.pdf) 7.09MB


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