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Office Manual of the AAR Interchange Rules. Adopted by the Association of American Railroads Operations and Maintenance Department Technical Services Division Effective 1-1-1998.

Part I (AAR Interchange Rules I 1998.pdf) 10.396MB
Part II (AAR Interchange Rules II 1998.pdf) 15.214MB

Railroad Industry Periodicals c.1988 (AAR RR Industry Periodicals c1988.pdf) Courtesy David Mangold Collection

Circular 43-A: Rules Governing the Loading, Blocking and Bracing of Freight in Closed Trailers and Containers for TOFC/COFC Service 3-1983 (AAR Circular 43-A 3-1983.pdf) 4.029MB Courtesy David Mangold Collection

"Railroads: Where Freight is Going" c.1983 3.852MB (AAR RRs - Where Freight is Going c1983.pdf) Courtesy David Mangold Collection

Chronology of America's Railroads 4-1981 (AAR Chronology US RRs 4-1981.pdf) 1.533MB Courtesy David Mangold Collection

"Highway Crisis: How did it happen? Who should pay?" c.1981 (AAR Hwy Crisis c1981.pdf) 2.41MB Courtesy David Mangold Collection

"Who pays to move America's freight?" c.1981 (AAR Paying US Freight c1981.pdf) 1.625MB Courtesy David Mangold Collection

Railroad Industry Periodicals c.1979 (AAR RR Industry Periodicals c1979.pdf) 1.16MB Courtesy David Mangold Collection

A Review of Railroad Operations in 1965 (AAR Review of RR Operations 1965.pdf) 13.806MB Courtesy David Mangold Collection

List of Principal Railroads in the United States 7-1964 (AAR Principal US RRs 7-1964.pdf) 1.677MB Courtesy David Mangold Collection

"You 'Pay the Freight': Oxcart-era price controls are inflating your transportation costs" c.1962 (AAR You Pay The Freight c1962.pdf) 1.4MB Courtesy David Mangold Collection

1959 Annual Session Freight Station Section Committee Assignments, Palmer House, Chicago, IL May 5-7, 1959 (AAR Freight Station Section 1959.pdf) 10.864MB

Committee Topic Papers-
Committee on Station and Terminal Operation
Committee on Station Traffic
Committee on Loss and Damage
Committee on Station Office Operation

Railway Progress 6-1954 (AAR Railway Progress 6-1954.pdf) 14.789MB Courtesy David Mangold Collection

Names and Nicknames of Freight Trains Operated on the Railroads of the United States and Canada 2-1952 (AAR Names and Nicknames of Freight Trains 2-1952.pdf) 5.83MB Courtesy David Mangold Collection

"Who Should Pay the Freight?" Address by M.J. Gormley, Executive Assistant, AAR, Before the Pacific Railroad Club, San Francisco, CA 3-23-1939 (AAR Gormley 3-23-1939.pdf) 1.386MB

"Private Ownership and Operation versus Government Ownership and Operation of Railroads in the United States" 9-1939 (AAR Private O&O 9-1939.pdf) 9.996MB

"Railway Capacity and Traffic Control" M.J. Gormley, Executive Assistant, AAR 11-1939 (AAR RR Capacity & Traffic Control 11-1939.pdf) 6.289MB

"Government Ownership and Individual Initiative" Robert S. Binkerd, Assistant to the Chairman of the Association of Railway Executives (Reprinted from The Annalist) 5-12-1919 (ARE Govt Ownership 5-12-1919.pdf)


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