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(The Wheeling & Lake Erie Rwy Co. is a railroad company that was conveyed portions of the original Wheeling & Lake Erie RR Co. and other lines from Norfolk Southern Corp.)




Employee Timetables

#8 7-15-2008 (W&LERWY ETT #8 7-15-2008.pdf) 15.7MB
#3 1-1-1992 (W&LERWY ETT #3 1-1-1992.pdf) 2.955MB

ODOT-W&LE Agreement Spencer-Brewster (ODOT-W&LE Agreement 11-23-1994.pdf) 1.855MB


News Articles

11-20-2004: Wheeling & Lake Erie Rwy Co. President Steve Wait offers $30M for the Panhandle Rail Line, claiming the offer is twice the value of the line (See also ME Companies valuation of the Panhandle Rail Line appraisal report 6-30-2004 [ME Cos-ORDC 6-30-2004.pdf])


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