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System Map 10-1907 (Wabash System Map 10-1907.pdf)

Right of Way and Track Map MP 4+ to MP 8+ Station 215+30 to Station 182+60 Wayne Co. 1-MICH/1 1-MICH/a,C,D,Da,F,G,H/2 11-5-1954 (Wabash Detroit MP 4+-8 11-5-1954.pdf) 3.796MB

Right of Way and Track Map S1a to S1e Station 00+0 to Station 215+30 Wayne Co. 1-MICH A,B,Ca/1 11-9-1954 (Wabash Detroit S1a-S1e 11-9-1954.pdf) 3.647MB


Employee Timetables

Montpelier Division #47 9-26-1954 (Wabash Montpelier Div ETT #47 9-26-1954.pdf) 5.189MB

Decatur Division #48 4-25-1957 (Wabash Decatur Div ETT #48 4-25-1957.pdf) 7.137MB


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