Conrail Maintenance of Way


M.W. 4

Cover (CR M.W. 4 Cover.pdf)

M.W. 4 Manual for Construction and Maintenance of Track Part I: Track Maintenance Limits 3-1-1986 (CR MW 4 Part I 3-1-1986.pdf) 1.275MB

M.W. 4 Manual for Construction and Maintenance of Track Part II: Construction and Maintenance Practice 3-1-1986 (CR MW 4 Part II 3-1-1986.pdf) 6.836MB

M.W. 4 Subpart E pages faxed copy 12-14-1993 (CR M.W. 4 Page 12-14-1993.pdf)

1983 Budget Pages (CR Costs1.pdf)

Sheet 1 - Prices of Jointed Track Work per Foot 11-5-1982
Sheet 2 - Prices of Welded Trackwork per Foot 11-5-1982
Sheet 3 - Prices of Insulated Turnouts; Construction in Existing Track 11-5-1983
Sheet 4 - State and Province Sales Taxes 11-5-1982
Sheet 5-7 - Trackwork Prices 11-5-1982


W.M. Worthington Memorandum 2-1-1982 RE: Pattern Weight in Net Tons (CR Memo Pattern Weight Net Tons 2-1-1982.pdf)

Quantity, Weight & Net Tons of Material per Track Mile chart (CR ATM Info Chart.pdf)

Reciprocals to be Used in Finding Gross or Net Tons of Rail chart 10-27-1981 (CR Rail Weight-Tons Chart 10-27-1981.pdf)

CSA C&S 15 Highway Grade Crossing Warning System Tests 2-2003 (CSA C&S 15 2-2003.pdf)

CSA C&S 24 Insulated rail joint and switch insulation report form 1-2003 (CSA C&S 24 1-2003.pdf)

CSA C&S 50 resistance of made grounds 6-2003 (CSA C&S 50 6-2003.pdf)

CSA C&S 107 Ground Test Record (CSA C&S 107 1-2003.pdf)

CSA M&W 301 ITD Statement of on Track Safety (CSA M&W 301.pdf)

Operation of MW Telephone/Radio System and Radio Call Signs for Pittsburgh Division 7-1989 (CR Pgh MW TC 7-1989.pdf)

Standard Tasks Basic Track Maintenance 3-3-1988 (CR Standard Tasks 3-3-1988.pdf)

Legal Clearances (CR Legal Clearances.pdf)

Brad Kerchof Memo RE: Insulation Parts for Rods 3-3-1977 (CR Kerchof Memo 3-3-1997.pdf)

MOW partially filled out case (CR MOW Case.pdf)

Utility Duct Installation under Conrail track MP 319+2550' c.4-29-1993 (CR Utility Duct Install Plan MP 319 c4-29-1993.pdf)

Indianapolis Division Program for Snow Storms and Other Traffic Interferences 1989-1990 (CR Indy Snowstorm Instructions 1989-1990.pdf) 3.133MB


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