Multimodalway Proposals


Multimodalway Proposals:

Proposed amendment to Ohio HB 128-166/SB SB 128-121 "Transportation Innovation Authorities" Authorizing the Ohio Turnpike Commission to Additionally Engage in Multiple Modes of Surface Transportation Using OTC's Public Turnpike Business and Governance Model

Proposed Ohio Turnpike Commission Ohio Revised Code Revisions authorizing the Ohio Turnpike Commission to engage in public railway turnpike provision and administration


Proposed Ohio Revised Code Chapter 4582 Port Authorities Revisions


Third Party Proposals:

Western Reserve Rail Corp.


Old Proposals:

Multimodalway Agency Proposals:

Ohio Multimodalway Agency Proposal
Generic State Multimodalway Agency Proposals

Multimodalway Prospectii:

Interstate Project Proposals
Intrastate Project Proposals



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