Multimodalways Proposed Business and Governance Model Evolution


The Multimodalways proposal traces its history from but not limited to these developments, legislation, writings, and business/governance industry restructurings:

Early U.S. private turnpike nationalizations (references currently being investigated)

The Ohio Turnpike and other current U.S. turnpikes (See Ohio Turnpike Commission Archives)

U.S. Railway Association proposal to create "ConRail" to run trains on separate "ConFac" rail facilities (See PSP VI.pdf pp. 49-50)

U.S. Senate ROW & infrastructure vs. operations separation legislation (See U.S. Senate Archives)

"Railroads, Energy and Business: Where Does the Future Lie?" University of Washington Professor Emeritus Reiner Decher, Technology in Society 1994 (See Pages from Decher 1994.pdf)

"It Just Might Work", Trains Magazine pundit John G. Kneiling, P.E. 7-1973 (See TM 7-1973 p5.pdf)

"Railroad Management", Harvard University professor D. Daryl Wyckoff, 1976 (See Wyckoff pp128-133.pdf)

"Railroads Triumphant: The Growth, Rejection, and Rebirth of a Vital American Force" Albro Martin, 1992 (See Railroads Triumphant p397.pdf)

"The Benefits of Separating Rail Infrastructure from Operations" Louis S. Thompson, Railways Adviser, Transport, Water, and Urban Services. Public Policy for the Public Sector, 12-1997 (135thomp.pdf) Courtesy The World Bank

"For Rail to Survive, a Drastic Change is Needed", Trains Magazine guest editorial by Thomas D. Ellen 5-2000 (See Ellen TM p72.pdf)

The Fredricksburg VA Free Lance-Star 8-20-2005 guest editorial by Earle Copp calling for government agencies to use eminent domain to acquire rail lines (See


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