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Sen. Joseph L. Bruno (R-43rd District):

News Releases-

1-5-2006: Improving New York's Rail System- Senator Bruno and Senator Tom Libous of Binghamton discuss the importance of improving New York's rail system. Detailed Plan Would Improve Speed, Reliability and Frequency -- Albany to NYC in 2 hours within 6 Months, Next Stop: Buffalo to NYC under 3 Hours

Fast Trains In NY: Slashing Travel Time Is Key To Accelerating Upstate Economy


Task Forces

New York State Senate High Speed Rail Task Force

High Speed Rail Task Force Action Program 12-23-2005 (with cover) (NYS_Senate_HSR_Task_Force_Study_2006.pdf) 18.191MB

1-11-2006: Pols on track to bring rail system up to speed (Courtesy New York Daily News

1-11-2006: Sampling of editorials from upstate New York,0,4969503.story?coll=ny-region-apnewyork (Courtesy

1-6-2006: Senate report urges upgrades to Albany/NYC rail operations (Courtesy Albany Business Review

1-6-2006: Rail plans at full speed- Bruno lays out ambitious timetable to improve state's train service (Courtesy Albany Times Union


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