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Guest Rewards Flyer 12-2013 (Amtrak Rewards Flyer 12-2013.pdf) Courtesy David Mangold Collection

Amtrak Express Brochure 1-2013 (Amtrak Express Brochure 1-2013.pdf) 2.76MB

Passenger Tips for Train Travel c.2013 (Amtrak Passenger Tips Flyer c2013.pdf) Courtesy David Mangold Collection

4G LTE Technology on all WiFi-Equipped Trains c.2013 (Amtrak G4 WiFi Flyer c2013.pdf) Courtesy David Mangold Collection

Northeast Corridor High Speed Rail brochure c.1999 (NRPC NEC HSR c1999.pdf) 2.254MB Courtesy David Mangold Collection

All Aboard! Amtrak's Passenger Trains 8-1990 (NRPC Amtrak's Passenger Trains 8-1990.pdf) Courtesy David Mangold Collection

High speed surface and lining; Interlockings; 1983 U/C Program Baltimore & Philadelphia Divisions (NRPC 1983 Stats.pdf)

Northeast Corridor Region, Philadelphia Division Bell Interlocking, Bellevue, DE 5-8-1982 (NRPC Bell Interlocking 5-8-1982.pdf) 1.751MB

K.R. Nunnelee interoffice memo to Distribution RE: Track Assignment 3-29-1983 (NRPC MW Base Yard Storage Track 1983.pdf)

B.R. Pohlot-P.J. Smith interoffice memo RE: Northeast (MD) Interlocking; Northeast Interlocking re-alignment charts 3-15-1983 (NRPC New Northeast Jct 1983.pdf)

W.A. Johnson interoffice memo to Distribution RE: Odenton M.W. Base; Odenton MOW Base Site Plan, Building schematic 3-12-1982 (NRPC Odenton MOW Base 1982.pdf)


Track Charts/Maps

MP 110-MP 120 Main Line Philadelphia-Washington DC c1983 (NRPC Phila-Wash Track Chart c1983.pdf)

Northeast Corridor Philadelphia-Washington, DC 9-1981 (NRPC Phila-DC Track Map 9-1981.pdf) 1.27MB

Northeast Corridor Washington, DC-Canton (NRPC Track Chart DC-Canton.pdf)

Northeast Corridor, Harrisburg Line, Springfield Line (cover only showing system map, color codes not included) (NRPC Track Chart Map.pdf)

System Map 1980 (Amtrak System Map 1980.pdf) 1.108MB

Interlocking Inspections

Bowie 3-25-1983 (NRPC Bowie Interlocking 1983.pdf)
Davis 3-17-1983 (NRPC Davis Interlocking 1983.pdf)
Grove 2-1-1983 (NRPC Grove Interlocking 1983.pdf)
Ragan 3-11-1983 (NRPC Ragan Interlocking 1983.pdf)
Winans 3-5-1983 (NRPC Winans Interlocking 1983.pdf)

Market Study of Proposed Amtrak Harrisburg-Erie Route 1-1977 (PennDOT Harrisburg-Erie Amtrak Study 1-1977.pdf) 1.496MB

Canadian Transport Commission Systems Analysis & Research Data Base Branch (Commission Canadienne des Transports Direction de L'Analyse des Systems et Collecte des Données Pour La Recherche) Report 119 "A Study of Amtrak's Effectiveness" 11-1974 (CTC Amtrak Effectiveness 11-1974.pdf) 11.709MB


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