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8-16-2013: G&W removes Chestnut St. MP 113.99 and Ferry Falls Ave. MP 115.3 grade crossings of the Ohio Central Line in Coshocton, OH, stranding 1.31 route miles, additional side tracks, the wye at MP 114.4, Coshocton Station, and other buildings.

Barricade timetable east of Ferry Falls Ave. and trestle
Timetable east of Ferry Falls Ave. grade crossing
Ferry Falls Ave. crossing ID
PUCO Ferry Falls Ave. crossing info c.8-15-2013
Timetable east of Chestnut St. grade crossing
Chestnut St. crossing ID
PUCO Chestnut St. crossing info c.12-19-2012
Barricade timetable west of Hay Ave.

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G&W donates $10,000 to Ohio Gov. Kasich transition project Courtesy The Examiner

G&W removes Panhandle siding switch at MP 147.54

Looking east from MP 147.54
Looking west at the MP 147.54 grade crossing
Location of the switch
Another of the location of the switch
Remains of a weld mold and the newly-welded jointed rails
Where the switch was




New York/Pennsylvania Region #4 4-15-2002 (G&W NY & PA ETT #4 4-2002.pdf) 3.334MB
Ohio Central System Southern Lines #1 4-18-2010 (G&W OCS ETT #1 4-18-2010.pdf) 3.215MB

"Got Shale? You need rail" brochure plus NY/PA and OH region maps 11-2012 (G&W Oil-Gas Brochure 11-2012.pdf) 2.502MB

Ohio Region Map 2012 (G&W Ohio Region Map 2012.pdf) 1.399MB

Presentation to the Ohio Rail Development Committee Panhandle Lease Committee 9-23-2011 (G&W PPT 9-23-2011.pdf) 2.78MB

Presentation to the Ohio Rail Development Committee Panhandle Lease Committee 6-8-2010 (ORDC PH G&W PPT 6-3-2010.pdf)

Qualification Ride Form 11-15-2005 (G&W Qualification Ride Form 11-15-2005.pdf)

AAR Security Alert Levels 1-15-2008 (G&W AAR Security Alert Levels 1-15-2008.pdf)

Ohio Central Railroad Southern Lines Safety First Manual cover (G&W OCR Safety Manual Cover.pdf)


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