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Panhandle Rail Line

Piney Fork Line

Shortline/Branchline/Spur Rail Project Funding Application and Benefits Summary Tool 7-20-2011 (ORDC Tool 7-20-2011.xlsx)

The Ohio & Lake Erie Regional Rail Cleveland Hub Study

Business Plan and Technical Memorandum 6-2004 (Cleveland Hub Study 6-2004.pdf) 28.8MB
Draft Technical Memorandum And Business Plan 10-2004
(Ohio_Hub_Draft_Report.pdf) 4.1MB

ORDC Ohio Hub Passenger Rail System Webpage

Executive Summary (http://www.dot.state.oh.us/ohiorail/Programs/Passenger/Ohio_Hub_Executive_Summary.pdf) 823KB
Cleveland & Lake Erie Regional Rail Cleveland Hub Map (http://www.dot.state.oh.us/ohiorail/Programs/Passenger/Cleve-Hub%20Map.htm)
Regional Rail Networks and Potential Connections Map (http://www.dot.state.oh.us/ohiorail/Programs/Passenger/Natl%20Map.htm)


ORDC Commissioners Meeting Packets:


(ORDC Comm Packet 1-19-2012.pdf) 2.158MB

Contract and Property Advisory Committee

Minutes 11-10-2011 (ORDC Assets Comm Minutes 11-10-2011.pdf)

11-10-2011 (ORDC Comm Packet 11-10-2011.pdf) 3.1MB

9-15-2011 (ORDC Comm Packet 9-15-2011.pdf) 8.879MB

7-21-2011 (ORDC Comm Packet 7-21-2011.pdf) 5.209MB


Commissioners Packet (ORDC Comm Packet 5-12-2011.pdf) 7.323MB

Contract and Property Advisory Committee

Guidelines for Divestiture of State Owned Railroad Property Draft 5-7-2011 (ORDC Divestiture Guidelines 5-7-2011.pdf)


Commissioners Packet (ORDC Comm Packet 3-10-2011.pdf) 6.467MB

Contract and Property Advisory Committee

Guidelines for Divestiture of State Owned Railroad Property Draft 3-9-2011 (ORDC Assets Comm Divestiture Policy Draft 3-9-2011.pdf)
Minutes 2-22-2011 (ORDC Assets Comm Minutes 2-22-2011.pdf)


Commissioners Packet (ORDC Comm Packet 1-20-2011.pdf) 10.53MB
Long Term Strategy/Economic Development Committee

ORDC Vision, Mission, Goals & Objectives Flyer 1-20-2011 (ORDC Goals Flyer 1-20-2011.pdf)
Proposed ORDCD Project Valuation Process and Measures Draft 1-20-2011 (ORDC ED Comm Process Draft 1-20-2011.pdf)
ORDC Rail Funding Application Draft (20110120183643961.pdf) 2.1MB


Commissioners Packet (ORDC Comm Packet 11-18-2010.pdf) 14.063MB
Contract and Property Advisory Committee (ORDC Asset Comm 11-18-2010.pdf)

9-9-2010 (ORDC Comm Packet 9-9-2010.pdf) 7.264MB
7-15-2010 (ORDC Comm Packet 7-15-2010.pdf) 6.162M
5-13-2010 (ORDC Comm Packet 5-13-2010.pdf) 3.331MB
3-11-2010 (ORDC Comm Packet 3-11-2010.pdf) 14.569MB
1-14-2010 (ORDC Comm Packet 1-14-2010.pdf) 4.882MB

Commissioners Packet (ORDC Comm Packet 11-19-2009.pdf) 6.053MB
"Equipment: Locomotive Hauled vs. Diesel Multiple Units" Presentation 11-19-2009 (ORDC 3C Equipment Presentation 11-19-2009.pdf) 7.09MB

9-10-2009 (ORDC Comm Packet 9-10-2009.pdf) 12.5MB
7-9-2009 (ORDC Comm Packet 7-9-2009.pdf) 1.339MB
5-22-2009 (ORDC Comm Packet 5-21-2009.pdf) 8.706MB
3-12-2009 (ORDC Comm Packet 3-12-2009.pdf) 3.589MB
1-30-2009 (ORDC Comm Packet 1-30-2009.pdf) 17.808MB
11-13-2008 (ORDC Comm Packet 11-13-2008.pdf) 11.024MB
9-11-2008 (ORDC Comm Packet 9-11-2008.pdf) 12.064MB
7-10-2008 (ORDC Comm Packet 7-10-2008.pdf) 3.078MB
5-9-2008 (ORDC Comm Packet 5-8-2008.pdf) 19.897MB
3-13-2008 (ORDC Comm Packet 3-13-2008.pdf) 3.898MB
1-17-2008 (ORDC Comm Packet 1-17-2008.pdf) 3.338MB
11-8-2007 (ORDC Comm Packet 11-8-2007.pdf) 11.042MB
9-13-2007 (ORDC Comm Packet 9-13-2007.pdf) 1.333MB
8-30-2007 (ORDC Comm Packet 8-30-2007.pdf) 2.218MB
7-12-2007 (ORDC Comm Packet 7-12-2007.pdf) 2.417MB
5-17-2007 (ORDC Comm Packet 5-17-2007.pdf) 10.227MB
3-30-2007 (ORDC Comm Packet 3-30-2007.pdf) 6.025MB
1-11-2007 (ORDC Comm Packet 1-11-2007.pdf) 2.322MB
11-9-2006 (ORDC Comm Packet 11-9-2006.pdf) 5.28MB
9-8-2006 (ORDC Comm Packet 9-8-2006.pdf) 6.055MB
7-20-2006 (ORDC Comm Packet 7-20-2006.pdf) 5.618MB

Retreat Handouts

10-7-2010 Retreat

Agenda (ORDC Retreat Agenda 10-7-2010.pdf)
White Sheet (ORDC White Sheet 10-7-2010.pdf)
Developing a Rail Vision Statement (ORDC Rail Vision 10-7-2010.pdf) 1.752MB
Goals and Objectives for ORDC (ORDC Goals Objs 10-7-2010.pdf) 1.118MB
Vision/Goal Statements from Ohio Railroads (ORDC RR Visions Goals 10-2010.pdf)
CAFR Draft 2009-2010 (ORDC CAFR Draft 2009-2010.pdf) 17.96MB

10-19-2009 Retreat

Agenda 10-19-2009 (ORDC Retreat Agenda 10-19-2009.pdf)
Proposed 2010 Meeting Schedule (ORDC 2010 Meeting Schedule.pdf)
Report to the ORDC Human Resources Committee: Possible Short Term and Long Term Staffing Needs 10-14-2009 (ORDC HR Staffing Needs 10-14-2009.pdf)
Grade Crossings in 3C Corridor - Changed or Eliminated (ORDC 3C Closed Xings 2009.pdf) 2.942MB
2009 Highway Safety Improvement Program Report (Evaluation of improvements made in State Fiscal Year FY 2009) ORDC Railroad Grade Crossing Safety Programs (ORDC Hwy Safety Improvement Program Report 2009.pdf) 1.038MB
ORDC's Safety Program Presentation 10-18-2009 (ORDC Safety Program 10-18-2009.pdf) 1.395MB

10-2-2008 Retreat

Handouts (ORDC Retreat Handouts 10-2-2008.pdf)
Ohio Department of Transportation 2008-2009 Business Plan 11-2007 (http://www.dot.state.oh.us/SiteCollectionDocuments/ODOT2008-2009BusinessPlan.pdf)
Ohio Department of Development Strategic Plan Executive Summary 9-17-2008 (http://development.ohio.gov/strategicplan/documents/Executive_Summary.pdf)

Annual Reports:

2009-2010 Draft (ORDC CAFR Draft 2009-2010.pdf) 17.96MB
2007-2008 (ORDC CAFR 2007-2008.pdf) 4.352MB
2000-2001 (ORDC CAFR 2000-2001.pdf) 3.899MB


Ohio Rail Map 6-2007

Front (ORDC OH Map Front 6-2007.pdf) 6.836MB
Back (ORDC OH Map Back 6-2007.pdf) 18.939MB

Ohio Rail Map 2004

Front (ORDC OH Rail Map 2004 Front.pdf) 4.745MB
Back (ORDC OH Rail Map 2004 Back.pdf) 4.354MB

Ohio Tonnage Map 2003 (derived from ODOT data) (Ohio Tonnage Map 2003.pdf)

Ohio Rail Map 9-1999

Front (ORDC OH Rail Map 9-1999 Front.pdf) 3.494MB
Back (ORDC OH Rail Map 9-1999 Back.pdf)

Ohio Strategic Railway System 10-31-1996 (ORDC Strategic Rwy System 10-31-1996.pdf) 2.895MB

Note tonnage error on Conrail Berea-Vermillion segment - should be > 20 Million Tons

Ohio Rail Map 12-1994 (ORDC OH Rail Map 12-1994.pdf) 4.068MB

Ohio Rail Map 1989 (ORDC OH Rail Map 1989.pdf) 5.616MB

ORDC Coal & Steel Projects Map c.2003 (Coal & Steel.pdf)


Ohio Freight Rail Choke Point Study 8-2007 http://www.dot.state.oh.us/Planning/Freight/Ohio%20Railroad%20Choke%20Point%20Study_final.pdf

Ohio Intermodal Rail Freight Growth Strategy Concept Study 11-2006 (ORDC OH Intermodal Report 11-2006.pdf) 2.438MB


House Finance and Appropriations Committee, Transportation and Justice Subcommittee 2-19-2009 (ORDC House Trans Subcomm Testimony 2-19-2009.pdf)


Public Hearing on the Harmon-Zanesville Rail Line 8-13-1987 (ORDC Harmon-Zanesville Line 8-13-1987.pdf)


ODOT-Wheeling & Lake Erie Railway System Spencer-Brewster 11-23-1994 (ODOT-W&LE Agreement 11-23-1994.pdf) 1.855MB

Agreement Providing for the Planning of a High Speed Rail Project in the State of Ohio Between the Ohio High Speed Rail Authority and Ohio Railway Organization, Inc. 9-1-1990 (OHSRA-ORO Agreement 9-1-1990.pdf) 10.596MB

ORDC Commissioners Handouts and Partial Packets 3-30-2006 Meeting:

Executive Director Report (ORDC ExecDir 3-30-2006.pdf)
Planning, Project Development, and Track Inspection Accomplishments Report (ORDC Planning 3-30-2006.pdf)
Wheeling & Lake Erie Benwood Bridge Restoration Project Resolution 04-06 (ORDC W&LE Benwood Res 06-04.pdf)
Wheeling & Lake Erie Benwood Bridge Restoration Project (http://www.dot.state.oh.us/OHIORAIL/Project%20Briefings/March%202006/BenwoodBridge.htm) Aurora (OH) Plastics Project (http://www.dot.state.oh.us/OHIORAIL/Project%20Briefings/March%202006/Aurora%20Plastics%20Inc%20APB.htm) BSE Partners, LLC Panhandle Rail Line Refinancing Project (http://www.dot.state.oh.us/OHIORAIL/Project%20Briefings/March%202006/BSE%20Partnership,%20LLC%20APB.htm) Jacobs Industries/A. Shulman Bulk Transload Facility Project (http://www.dot.state.oh.us/OHIORAIL/Project%20Briefings/March%202006/Jacobs.htm) Seasongood & Mayer, LLC Panhandle Rail Line Refiniancing Project (http://www.dot.state.oh.us/OHIORAIL/Project%20Briefings/March%202006/Seasongood%20&%20Mayer,%20LLC%20APB.htm) Columbus & Ohio River RR Co. Request for 50 Year Lease Agreement of the Panhandle Rail Line (http://www.dot.state.oh.us/OHIORAIL/Project%20Briefings/March%202006/C&OR%20Request%20for%20long%20term%20lease.pdf)

ORDC Commissioners Handouts and Partial Packets 1-11-2006 Meeting:

2006 Meeting Schedule (http://www.dot.state.oh.us/ohiorail/MEETING%20INFO/Meeting%20Schedule%20-%202006.htm)
Commissioners Packet Introduction (ORDC Packet Intro 1-5-2006.pdf)
Executive Director Report (ORDC ExecDir Report 1-11-2006.pdf)
Finance Report (ORDC Finance Report 1-12-2006.pdf)
Planning, Project Development, and Track Inspection Accomplishments Report 11&12-2005 (ORDC Planning Report 12-2005.pdf)
Safety Section Progress Report (ORDC Safety Report 1-11-2006.pdf) 1.259MB
Columbiana County Port Authority Rail Line Rehabilitation Loan Revision 1-12-2006 (ORDC CCPA Project 1-12-2006.pdf)

CSX Painesville-Grand River Line Lease to Ohio Central RR Project 1-4-2006 (ORDC Painesville Project 1-4-2006.pdf)
Marion Industrial Center Intermodal/Bulk Transload Facility Project 1-4-2006 (ORDC Marion Project 1-4-2006.pdf)
Harrison Ethanol On Site/Off Site Rail Project 1-10-2006 (http://www.dot.state.oh.us/ohiorail/Project%20Briefings/January%202006/06-03%20Harrison%20Ethanol%20-%20briefing.htm)

ORDC Commissioners Handouts and Partial Packets 11-10-2005 Meeting:

Executive Director's Report (ORDC ExecDir Report.pdf)
Planning, Project Development, and Track Inspection Accomplishments Report (ORDC Planning Projects Track.pdf)
Safety Section Progress Report (ORDC Safety Report.pdf)
Finance Report (ORDC Finance Report.pdf)
Greater Ohio Ethanol Project (Grant to the City of Lima for Off-Site Infrastructure) (ORDC Lima Ethanol.pdf)
Intent to Fund Ohio Portion of Norfolk Southern Heartland Corridor Project (ORDC NS Heartland Project.pdf)
Cleveland Commercial RR Co. Power Line Project (ORDC Cleveland Com RR Project.pdf)
Butler County Port Authority/Symmes Industrial Park/CSX Electric Lock Project (ORDC Butler Co-CSX Project.pdf)
Engage Public Affairs (Cleveland Hub Study Lobbying) (ORDC Engage PR Project.pdf)
Daniel L. Van Epps Consultation (General Telecommunication Issues) (ORDC DLVE Project.pdf)
Raymond E. Hicks Consultation (Panhandle Fiber Optics Isues) (ORDC REH Project.pdf)

Other ORDC Commissioners Handouts and Partial Packets

2006 Work Plan (ORDC 2006 Work Plan.pdf) 524KB
Major Corridor Initiatives - State Fiscal Years 2005-2007 (ORDC Corridor Initiatives 2005-2007.pdf)
SAFETEA-LU High Priority Projects (ORDC SAFETEA-LU High Priority Projects.pdf)
2004 Highway Improvement Safety Program: ORDC Railroad Safety Programs including Evaluation of improvements made in state FY 2002 and summary of state FY 2005 expenditures (ORDC 2004 Hwy Improvement Safety Program.pdf) 1.651MB
Executive Director's Report 7-8-2004 (ORDC Seney Report 7-8-2004.pdf)
"More Bang for the Buck(eyes)- The State of the Railroads in Ohio" An Annual Statement from ORDC Executive Director James Seney 6-11-2004 (ORDC Seney Annual Statement 6-11-2004.pdf)
Accomplishments Report- Planners and Track Inspector 6-21-2004 (ORDC Planners & Track Inspector Report 6-21-2004.pdf)
Approved Project Briefing- Capital Partnerships, LLC (ORDC Capital Partnerships 6-28-2004.pdf)
Approved Project Briefing- Strategic Public Partners (ORDC Strategic Public Partners 6-28-2004.pdf)
Administration & Finance Report 7-8-2004 (ORDC Admin & Fin Report 7-8-2004.pdf)
Jobs & Carloads Pledged Report 6-30-2004 (ORDC Jobs & Carloads Pledged Report 6-30-2004.pdf)
9-2002 Meeting Handouts- Contact list of ORDC Commissioners; Cleveland Hub map; Regional High Speed Rail map; Midwest Regional Rail Initiative flyer (ORDC 9-2002 Handouts.pdf)

State of Ohio General Assembly Legislation:

Ohio House Bill 120-250 creating the Ohio Rail Development Commission and abolishing the Ohio High Speed Rail Authority and the Ohio Department of Transportation Division of Rail Transportation 10-20-1994 (ORDC HB 120-250 10-20-1994.pdf) 3.12MB

Ohio Revised Code Creating the ORDC http://codes.ohio.gov/orc/4981

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