Ohio Rail Development Commission Piney Fork Line Archives



Piney Fork Rail Service & Trackage Rights Agreements / Apex - Liberty Waste Landfill Project (ORDC-Ohi-Rail-Apex Agreement 11-16-2004.pdf)

Project Briefing: Forgiving Ohi-Rail Grant Payback / Releasing Lien on Engine 7-12-2006 (ORDC Ohi-Rail PFL 7-12-2006.pdf)

STB Finance Docket No. 34763: The Columbus & Ohio River Railroad Company - Trackage Rights Exemption - Ohio Rail Development Commission and Ohi-Rail Corporation 9-23-2005 (STB 214731.pdf)

American Recovery and Reinvestment Act: Ohi-Rail Railroad Grade Crossing Safety Upgrades Columbiana County, Village of Minerva 3-30-2009 (D11-06-COL-RRUpgradesMinerva.pdf)

Public Utilities Commission of Ohio: Request of Ohi-Rail Corporation to Downgrade Grade Protection at Three Public Crossings in Jefferson County, Ohio 11-20-2007 (A1001001A07K20B05016F83803.pdf)

Ohi-Rail Track Inspection Trip - Itinerary, Ohi-Rail Corp. & ORDC Piney Fork Maps 4-27-2003 (Ohi-Rail Info 4-27-2003.pdf)

Photos of Summit View, Inc.'s Columbus & Ohio River RR Co. installing a new "Pan Interchange" connector track between ORDC's Piney Fork Line and Panhandle Rail Line without receiving prior STB approval

1 (Ohirail 05 131 (Small).jpg)
2 (Ohirail 05 134 (Small).jpg)
3 (Ohirail 05 142 (Small).jpg)
4 (Ohirail 05 157 (Small).jpg)
5 (Ohirail 05 158 (Small).jpg)
6 (Ohirail 05 161 (Small).jpg)
7 (Ohirail 05 164 (Small).jpg)
8 (Ohirail 05 166 (Small).jpg)
9 (Speeder Trip 9 05 015 (Small).jpg)
10 (Speeder Trip 9 05 019 (Small).jpg)


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