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Panhandle Lease Committee Documents

12-14-2011 Public Meeting @ Newark Handouts

Agenda 12-14-2011 (ORDC PH Newark Agenda 12-14-2011.pdf)
Panhandle Rail Line Facts and Information (ORDC PH Facts 11-16-2011.pdf)
Daniel L. Van Epps, "Questions Regarding ORDC's Proposed Panhandle Net Lease Agreement" (PH Questions 12-14-2011.pdf)

11-16-2011 Public Meeting @ Dennison Handouts

Dennison Railroad Depot Museum "Why Train Rides are Important in Ohio", "History of Train Rides" (Dennison Depot 11-16-2011.pdf)
Panhandle Rail Line Facts and Information (ORDC PH Facts 11-16-2011.pdf)

Minutes 9-23-2011 (ORDC PH Comm Minutes 9-23-2011.pdf)
Proposed Lease Public Input Meeting Notice 10-28-2011 (ORDC PH Comm Meeting Flyer 10-28-2011.pdf)
ORDC Proposed Lease 10-25-2011 (ORDC-C&OR Draft Lease 10-25-2011.pdf)

ORDC Proposed Lease 9-22-2011 (ORDC-C&OR PH Lease Agreement Draft 9-22-2011.pdf) 3.078MB
Genesee & Wyoming RR presentation 9-23-2011 (G&W PPT 9-23-2011.pdf) 2.78MB

Meeting Agenda 6-25-2010 (ORDC PH Lease Comm Agenda 6-25-2010.pdf)
Meeting Minutes 6-3-2010 (ORDC PH Lease Comm Minutes 6-3-2010.pdf) 1.563MB
Meeting Addendum 6-25-2010 (ORDC PH Lease Comm Addendum 6-25-2010.pdf)

ORDC Proposed Lease 5-10-2010 (G&W PH Draft OA 5-10-2010.doc)
Genesee & Wyoming RR Proposed Lease 2-22-2008 (ORDC PH Lease Draft 2-22-2008.doc)

Meeting Agenda 10-30-2008 (ORDC PH Lease Comm Agenda 10-30-2008.pdf)
Meeting Minutes 8-25-2008 (ORDC PH Lease Comm Minutes 8-25-2008.pdf)
Meeting Minutes 6-25-2008 (ORDC PH Lease Comm Minutes 6-25-2008.pdf)

Meeting Agenda 5-28-20008 (ORDC PH Lease Comm Agenda 5-28-2008.pdf)
Minutes 5-2-2008 (ORDC PH Lease Comm Minutes 5-2-2008.pdf)
Article 26 - Passenger Service Draft (Article 26 Draft 6-25-2008.pdf)
Excursion Service Draft 6-25-2008 (Excursion Service Draft 6-25-2008.pdf)
Coshocton County Port Authority-ORDC 6-6-2008 (CCPA-ORDC 6-6-2008.pdf)

State of Ohio Controlling Board Operating Request No. DOT0100032 $64,275 to Continental Appraisal Company from the Ohio Rail Development Commission 5-5-2008 (OBM ORDC PH 5-5-2008.pdf)

Agreement between the Ohio Rail Development Commission and Contenental Appraisal Company for services 4-23-2008; John M. Garvin, Continental Appraisal Co.-ORDC RE: Proposal - Panhandle Appraisal of Real Estate and Track, Fixtures and Equipment 3-31-2008 (ORDC-Continental Appraisal Agreement 4-23-2008.pdf)

Meeting Agenda 5-2-2008 (ORDC PH Lease Comm Agenda 5-2-2008.pdf)
Minutes 4-11-2008 (ORDC PH Lease Comm Minutes 4-11-2008.pdf)
Rent Discussion Draft 5-2-2008 (ORDC PH Rent Draft 5-2-2008.pdf)
Rep. Mark Okey Proposed New Lease Passenger Language (Okey Passenger Service Revisions.pdf)

Meeting Agenda 4-11-2008 (ORDC PH Lease Comm Agenda 4-11-2008.pdf)
Minutes 3-24-2008 (ORDC PH Lease Comm Minutes 3-24-2008.pdf)

Meeting Agenda 3-24-2008 (ORDC PH Lease Comm Agenda 3-24-2008.pdf)
Minutes 3-12-2008 (ORDC PH Lease Comm Minutes 3-12-2008.pdf)
Railroad Maintenance Responsibilities - Normal vs. Extraordinary Maintenance Items 3-17-2008 (ORDC PH MOW 3-17-2008.pdf)
Rent Discussion Draft 3-20-2008 (ORDC PH Rent 3-20-2008.pdf)

Meeting Agenda 3-12-2008 (ORDC PH Lease Comm Agenda 3-12-2008.pdf)
Minutes 2-28-2008 (ORDC PH Lease Comm Minutes 2-28-2008.pdf)
Panhandle Valuation Methods, Limiting Conditions (ORDC PH Appraisal Info 3-12-2008.pdf)
Railroad Libility Insurance Discussion with Robert McCarthy (ORDC PH Liability Report 3-11-2008.pdf)

ORDC-C&OR Lease Agreement Draft 2-27-2008 (ORDC PH Excursions Draft 2-27-2008.pdf) 1.501MB
Guiding Principles for Panhandle Lease C&OR Rent Rates 2-27-2008 (ORDC PH Rent Principles 2-27-2008.pdf)
Panhandle Lease C&OR Rent Draft 2-27-2008 (ORDC PH Rent Draft 2-27-2008.pdf)
Panhandle Lease Excursion Service Draft 2-27-2008 (ORDC PH Excursions Draft 2-27-2008.pdf)

ORDC-C&OR Lease Agreement Draft 1-11-2008 (ORDC-C&OR Lease Agreement Draft 1-11-2008.pdf) 1.609MB
Minutes 1-25-2008 (ORDC PH Lease Committee Minutes 1-25-2008.pdf)
Meeting Agenda 2-21-2008 (ORDC PH Lease Committee Agenda 2-21-2008.pdf)
Minutes 11-28-2007 (ORDC PH Lease Comm Minutes 11-28-2007.pdf)

Meeting Agenda 1-3-2008 (ORDC PH Lease Comm Agenda 1-3-2008.pdf)

ORDC-C&OR Lease Agreement Draft 12-7-2007 (ORDC-C&OR Lease Agreement Draft 12-7-2007.pdf) 1.614MB

Stakeholder comments regarding Panhandle Lease (ORDC PH Lease Comm Comments 1-3-2008.pdf) 2.176MB

ORDC Executive Director Matt Dietrich - Licking Co. Chamber of Commerce President Cheri Hottinger 12-19-2007
Licking Co. Chamber of Commerce President Cheri Hottinger - Ohio Gov. Ted Strickland 10-4-2007
Licking Co. White Paper 2007
Apex Environmental LLC Operations Director Stephen M. Callahan - ORDC Executive Director Dietrich 10-30-2007
Dennison Railroad Depot Museum Proposal 12-20-2007
ORDC Executive Director Matt Dietrich - Chester, Willcox & Saxbe LLP Attorney Roderick Willcox 12-18-2007
Chester, Willcox & Saxbe LLP Attorney Roderick Willcox - ORDC Executive Director Matt Dietrich 12-3-2007
ORDC Chairwoman Jolene M. Molitoris - Ohio Treasurer Richard Cordray 12-6-2007
Ohio Treasurer Richard Cordray - ORDC 11-15-2007
Bowerston Shale Co. VP Beth Hillyer - ORDC Executive Director Matt Dietrich 10-19-2007
Smurfit-Stone Container Corp. Material Manager Paul E. Yew - ORDC Executive Director Matt Dietrich 11-5-2007
International Paper Planner/Material Control Wade Cashdollar - ORDC 10-16-2007
American Warehousing & Logistics, Inc. President & CEO Larry Kidd - ORDC Executive Director Matt Dietrich 10-15-2007
AEP Senior VP Charles E. Zebula - ORDC Executive Director Matt Dietrich 11-5-2007
C&D Disposal Technologies President Joseph G. Scugoza - ORDC Executive Director Matt Dietrich 10-30-2007
Weyerhauser Site Manager Mark Snape - ORDC Executive Director Matt Dietrich 10-17-2007
Scio Packaging Co. VP Chris Reese - ORDC Executive Director Matt Dietrich 10-15-2007
Oxford Mining Co. President Charles C. Ungurean - ORDC Executive Director Matt Dietrich 11-5-2007
Coshocton Grain Co. CEO Rhoda Sue Crown
"Freight railroad customers complain about prices, service: Lawmakers get in on debate" USA Today, 9-27-2007

Minutes 10-31-2007 (ORDC PH Lease Comm Minutes 10-31-2007.pdf)
Meeting Agenda 11-28-2007 (ORDC PH Lease Comm Agenda 11-28-2007.pdf)
White Paper: Principles for a Long Term Lease Agreement with the C&OR for the Panhandle Rail Line 11-13-2007 (ORDC PH Lease Comm White Paper 11-13-2007.pdf)

Appraisal of the Panhandle Railroad by John M. Garvin, MAI, Continental Appraisal Co. 6-10-2008 & 6-11-2008

Volume I Real Estate by John M. Garvin, MAI, Continental Appraisal Co. (ORDC PH Appraisal V1 6-11-2008.pdf) 64.814MB corrected 11-30-2008

Volume II Vacant Comparable Land Sales by John M. Garvin, MAI, Continental Appraisal Co. (temporary B&W version) (ORDC PH Appraisal V2 6-11-2008.pdf) 27.136MB

Volume III Track and Structures by F. Rick Stapleton, Ph.D. PDS, Inc. (ORDC PH Appraisal V3 6-11-2008.pdf) 6.501MB

Panhandle Rail Line valuation for a proposed 25-year lease by Bradford S. Eldridge, BSE Partners, LLC 5-24-2006 (ORDC BSE PH Valuation 5-24-2006.pdf) 2.304MB

Panhandle Rail Line appraisal by George D. Wehner, R/W Specialists, Inc. for M-E Companies, 6-2004 (ORDC PH Appraisal 6-2004.pdf) 34.017MB

ME Companies valuation of the Panhandle Rail Line appraisal report 6-30-2004 (ME Cos-ORDC 6-30-2004.pdf)

Port of Philadelphia RADID Project 8-10-2005 (ORDC Phila RAPIDS 8-10-2005.pdf) 9.029MB

Panhandle Sale Proposal 8-30-2005 (ORDC Panhandle Sale Proposal 8-30-2005.pdf)

Public input concerning the potential sale of the Panhandle Rail Line (ORDC PH Public Input.pdf) 7.368MB

Draft framework for the potential sale of the Panhandle Rail Line to the Columbus & Ohio River RR Co. (ORDC Sale Proposal.pdf) 4.345MB

Selling Panhandle Won't Be A Sellout ORDC: Director Speaks to OMEGA Meeting 9-24-2004 (http://www.dot.state.oh.us/Divisions/Rail/NewsReleases/News%20Release% 20Archive/2004/04%20-%20Selling%20Panhandle%20Won%27t%20Be%20A% 20Sellout.htm)

ORDC-C&OR Operating Agreement Draft 8-1-2004 (ORDC-C&ORR Operating Agreement Draft 8-1-2004.pdf) 3.253MB

Resolution 04-09 Roll Call 7-8-2004 (04-09 7-8-2004.pdf)

Resolution 04-09 to authorize rail service revenue bonds, to purchase the Panhandle Rail Line, to authorize a new operating agreement, and other instruments 7-8-2004 (04-09.pdf) 1.36MB

Certificates of Participation Refunding Schedule of Events 7-7-2004 (COPs Refund Event Schedule 7-7-2004.pdf)

Resolution 04-09 Project Briefing 7-8-2004 (04-09 Briefing 7-8-2004.pdf)

ORDC Potential Panhandle Sale Update 5-5-2004 (ORDC PH Update 5-5-2004.pdf)

Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission Privatization Opinion 4-16-2003 (MOHRPC-Seney 4-16-2003.pdf)

Coshocton Mayor Privatization Opinion 4-15-2003 (Jannazo-Seney-Coshocton City 4-15-2003.pdf)

AEP, Coshocton Grain, Scio Pottery, Groovfold, Bowerston Shale Privatization Opinions 1-29-2003 (Jannazo-Seney PH Shippers 1-29-2003.pdf)

Harrison County Commissioners Privatization Opinion 1-28-2003 (Jannazo-Seney-Harrison Co 1-28-2003.pdf)

Stone Container Privatization Opinion 12-20-2002 (Jannazo-Seney-Stone Contaner 12-20-2002.pdf)

Coshocton County Commissioners Privatization Opinion 12-20-2002 (Jannazo-Seney-CCC 12-20-2002.pdf)

Muskingum County Officials Privatization Opinion 12-12-2002 (Jannazo-Seney-MCC 12-12-2002.pdf)

Licking County White Paper 11-13-2002 (Licking Co Opinion 11-13-2002.pdf)

Heath-Newark-Licking County Port Authority, Mid Ohio Development Corp., Southgate Corp., Licking County Chamber of Commerce, Licking County Planning Commission, Village of Hebron, and City of Heath Privatization Opinion 11-12-2002 (Jannazo-Seney-LC 11-12-2002.pdf)

Central Ohio Transit Authority Privatization Opinion 11-5-2002 (Jannazo-Seney-COTA 11-5-2002.pdf)

OH Sen. Greg DiDonato, Tuscarawas County Commissioners, Gene Tolloty, Village of Dennison, James Ong (Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers), Daniel Van Epps Privatization Opinion 10-24-2002 (Jannazo-Seney-TC 10-24-2002.pdf)

ORDC-C&OR Operating Agreement 6-5-2002 (ORDC-C&OR Operating Agreement 6-5-2002.pdf) 3.379MB

ORDC-C&OR Operating Agreement Draft 6-2002 (ORDC-C&OR Operating Agreement 6-2002.pdf) 2.85MB

Issues to Consider: Possible Sale of Panhandle Rail Line 5-13-2002 (ORDC Options.pdf)

Resolution authorizing ORDC staff to prepare for a potential Panhandle Rail Line sale 3-14-2002 (02-11.pdf)

Jefferson County Commissioners, Progress Alliance, Brooke-Hancock-Jefferson MPO, Ohi-Rail Privatization Opinion 2-7-2002 (Jannazo-Seney-JC 2-7-2002.pdf)

ORDC-C&OR Operating Agreement 11-9-2000 (ORDC-C&OR Operating Agreement 11-9-2000.pdf) 3.119MB

Uhrich Jct. removal concern & reply 3-3-2000 (DiDonato-VanEpps 3-3-2000.PDF)

ORDC-C&OR Operating Agreement 7-1-1997 (ORDC-C&OR Operating Agreement 7-1-1997.pdf) 6.153MB

ORDC-C&OR Operating Agreement Amendment 12-11-1996 (ORDC-C&OR OA Amendment 12-11-1996.pdf)

ORDC-C&OR Operating Agreement 12-7-1991 (ORDC-C&OR Operating Agreement 12-7-1991.pdf) 7.341MB

ORDC-C&OR Operating Agreement Edited 12-7-1991 (ORDC-C&OR Operating Agreement 12-7-1991x.pdf) 2.593MB

ORDC-C&OR Operating Agreement Draft 11-26-1991 (ORDC-C&OR Operating Agreement 11-26-1991.pdf) 2.572MB

ORDC-C&OR Operating Agreement Draft Enclosure 10-1991 (Wray-TCC 10-31-1991 OA 10-1991.pdf) 1.397MB

COPS Documents

12-19-2002: Trades and Prices for Ohio (Courtesy MunicipalBonds.com http://www.municipalbonds.com)

Coupon: 6.500%
Maturity: 04/15/2012
Bid Side Customer Sold to Dealer (Lowest / Highest): 100.910 / 100.910
# of Trades: 2
Volume: 50000

1-14-2002: Yield Buyer's Report for 01/14/2002 - List of the 20 HIGHEST and the 20 WORST Yields from yesterday's Municipal Bond trades. (Courtesy MunicipalBonds.com http://www.municipalbonds.com)

20 WORST Yields-

CUSIP: 67755M-AB-3
Coupon: 6.500%
Maturity: 04/15/2012
Bid Side Customer Sold to Dealer (Lowest / Highest): 100.370 / 100.370
Offer Side Customer Purchase from Dealer (Lowest / Highest): 103.322 / 103.322
Yield* Offer Side (Lo Px / Hi Px): 1.04% / 1.04%
# of Trades: 4
Volume: 80000

* The yield figure could be based on one of two different yield calculations: 1. Yield-to-Maturity 2. Yield-to-Call.

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