Conrail Archives - Maintenance Program and Track Charts

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Central Region Allegheny B Division 1-1-1976 (CR Allegheny B Track Chart 1-1-1976.pdf) 9.097MB
Northern Region Michigan Division 1-1-1976 (CR Michigan Track Chart 1-1-1976.pdf) 232.697MB

Central Region Pittsburgh Division 1977 (CR Pgh Track Chart 1977.pdf) 20.965MB
Northern Region Detroit Division 1-1-1977 (CR Detroit Track Chart 1-1-1977.pdf) 3.936MB Courtesy David Mangold Collection
Western Region Chicago Division 1-1-1977 (CR Chicago Track Chart 1-1-1977.pdf) 4.904MB

Central Region Allegheny A Division 1978 (CR Allegheny A Track Chart 1-1-1978.pdf) 6.382MB
Central Region Allegheny B Division 1978 (CR Allegheny B Track Chart 1-1-1978.pdf) 8.015MB
Northeastern Region Buffalo Division 1-1-1978 (CR Buffalo Track Chart 1-1-1978.pdf) 10.205MB
Northern Region Detroit Division 1-1-1978 (CR Detroit Track Chart 1-1-1978.pdf) 1.669MB
Western Region Cleveland Division 1-1-1978 (CR Cleveland Track Chart 1-1-1978.pdf) 3.692MB Courtesy David Mangold Collection

Central Region Pittsburgh Division 1-1-1979 (CR Pgh Track Chart 1-1-1979.pdf) 8.785MB
Central Region Youngstown West Division 1979 (CR Youngstown West Track Chart 1-1-1979.pdf) 5.641MB
Northern Region Canada Division 1-1-1979 (CR Canada Track Chart 1-1-1979.pdf) 4.082MB
Northern Region Detroit Division 1-1-1979 (CR Detroit Track Chart 1-1-1979.pdf) 3.45MB
Western Region Chicago Division 1-1-1979 (CR Chicago Track Chart 1-1-1979.pdf) 16.157MB
Western Region Toledo Division 1-1-1979 (CR Toledo Track Chart 1-1-1979.pdf) 6.578MB

Central Region Allegheny A Division 1-1-1980 (CR Allegheny A Track Chart 1980.pdf) 38.308MB Courtesy David Mangold Collection
Central Region Youngstown West Division 1-1-1980 (CR Youngstown West Track Chart 1-1-1980.pdf) 5.943MB
Northern Region Michigan Division 1-1-1980 (CR Michigan Track Chart 1-1-1980.pdf) 5.85MB

Central Region Allegheny A Division 1-1-1981 (CR Allegheny A Track Chart 1-1-1981.pdf) 6.082MB
Central Region Allegheny B Division 1-1-1981 (CR Allegheny B Track Chart 1-1-1981.pdf) 8.723MB
Central Region Pittsburgh Division 1-1-1981 (CR Pgh Track Chart 1981.pdf) 9.11MB
Central Region Youngstown Division 1-1-1981 (CR Youngstown Track Chart 1-1-1981.pdf) 11.864MB
Northeastern Region Mohawk Division 1-1-1981 (CR Mohawk Track Chart 1981.pdf) 8.389MB
Northern Region Canada Division 1-1-1981 (CR Canada Track Chart 1-1-1981.pdf) 4.636MB
Southern Region Columbus Division 1-1-1981 (CR Columbus Track Chart 1-1-1981.pdf) 11.625MB Courtesy Stephen Titchenal Rails & Trails
Southern Region Southwest Division 1-1-1981 (CR SW Track Chart 1-1-1981.pdf) 15.679MB
Western Region Cleveland Division 1-1-1981 (CR Cleveland Division 1-1-1981.pdf) 3.475MB
Western Region Ft. Wayne Division 1-1-1981 (CR Ft. Wayne Division 1-1-1981.pdf) 5.367MB
Western Region Chicago Division 1-1-1981 (CR Chicago Track Chart 1-1-1981.pdf) 5.178MB
Western Region Toledo Division 1-1-1981 (CR Toledo Track Chart 1-1-1981.pdf) 4.303MB

Central Region Allegheny B Division 1982 (CR Allegheny B Track Chart 1982.pdf) 6.766MB Courtesy Stephen Titchenal Rails & Trails
Central Region Pittsburgh Division Board of Directors Inspection Trip 1982 (CR Pgh BoD Track Chart 1982.pdf) 12.84MB
Eastern Region Lehigh Division 1982 (CR Lehigh Track Chart 1982.pdf) 51.086MB Courtesy Stephen Titchenal Rails & Trails
Metropolitan Region 1982 (CR Metro Track Chart 1982.pdf) 3.81MB Courtesy David Mangold Collection
New Jersey Commuter Region 1982 (missing pp.23-34) (CR NJ Commuter Region Track Chart 1982.pdf) 5.731MB
Northeastern Region Buffalo Division 1982 (CR Buffalo Track Chart 1982.pdf) 5.229MB
Southern Region Columbus Division 1982 (CR Columbus Track Chart 1982.pdf) 8.095MB
Western Region Canada Division 1982 (CR Canada Track Chart 1982.pdf) 2.5MB Courtesy David Mangold Collection
Western Region Chicago Division 1982 (CR Chicago Track Chart 1982.pdf) 12.372MB Courtesy David Mangold Collection
Western Region Detroit Division 1982 (CR Detroit Track Chart 1982.pdf) 4.882MB Courtesy David Mangold Collection
Western Region Michigan Division 1982 (CR Michigan Track Chart 1982.pdf) 4.445MB Courtesy David Mangold Collection
Western Region Toledo Division 1982 (CR Toledo Track Chart 1982.pdf)

Central Region Inspection Trip (Main Line Pittsburgh-Chicago, Philadelphia-Pittsburgh, Fort Wayne-Harrisburg, Richard B. Hasselman) 4-21 & 22-1983 (CR Central Region Inspection Trip 4-1983.pdf) 97.884MB
Central Region Inspection Trip (Chicago, IL to Newark, NJ) 5-19 & 20-1983 (CR Central Region Inspection Trip 5-1983.pdf) 8.484MB
Central Region Allegheny A Division 1983 (CR Allegheny A Track Chart 1983.pdf) 4.308MB
Central Region Allegheny B Division 1983 (CR Allegheny B Track Chart 1983.pdf) 5.68MB
Central Region Harrisburg Division Inspection Trip 5-11-1983 (CR Harrisburg Inspection Trip 5-11-1983.pdf) 698KB
Central Region Pittsburgh Division 1983 (CR Pgh Track Chart 1983.pdf) 6.73MB
Central Region Youngstown Division 1983 (CR Youngstown Track Chart 1983.pdf) 8.289MB Courtesy Stephen Titchenal Rails & Trails
Eastern Region Harrisburg Division 1983 (CR Harrisburg Track Chart 1983.pdf) 34.577MB
Eastern Region Philadelphia Division 1983 (CR Philadelphia Track Chart 1983.pdf) 35.612MB
Eastern Region New Jersey Division 1983 (CR NJ Track Chart 1983.pdf) 38.359MB
Northeastern Region Buffalo Division 1983 (CR Buffalo Track Chart 1983.pdf) 22.522MB
Northeastern Region Mohawk Division 1983 (CR Mohawk Track Chart 1983.pdf) 5.262MB
Northeastern Region New England Division 1983 (CR New England Track Chart 1983.pdf) 29.957MB
Southern Region Columbus Division 1983 (CR Columbus Track Chart 1983.pdf) 29.019MB
Southern Region Southwest Division 1983 (CR Southwest Track Chart 1983.pdf) 39.666MB
Southern Tier District (CR Southern Tier Track Chart 1983.pdf) 5.718MB Courtesy David Mangold Collection
Western Region Canada Division 1983 (CR Canada Track Chart 1983.pdf) 17.229MB
Western Region Chicago Division 1983 (CR Chicago Track Chart 1983.pdf) 23.319MB
Western Region Cleveland Division 1983 (CR Cleveland Track Chart 1983.pdf) 15.661MB
Western Region Detroit Division 1983 (CR Detroit Track Chart 1983.pdf) 15.252MB
Western Region Michigan Division 1983 (CR Michigan Track Chart 1983.pdf) 82.719MB
Western Region Toledo Division 1983 (CR Toledo Track Chart 1983.pdf) 17.494MB

Eastern Region Inspection Trip 6-22-1984 (CR Eastern Region Inspection Trip 6-22-1984.pdf) 58.517MB
Northeastern Region Mohawk Division 1984 (CR Mohawk Track Chart 1984.pdf) 6.228MB
Northeastern Region New England Division 1984 (CR New England Track Chart 1984.pdf) 7.786MB
Marketing Department Inspection Train (Philadelphia-N. Philadelphia-Midway-Essay-Pike-WA 2-Upper Bay-North Bergen-Marion-Oak Island-Wing-Philadelphia) 10-11-1984 (CR Phila Inspection Train 10-11-1984.pdf) 1.202MB
Southern Region Columbus Division 1984 (CR Columbus Track Chart 1984.pdf) 10.464MB (Revised 10-23-2005)
Southern Region Southwest Division 1984 (CR SW Track Chart 1984.pdf) 12.606MB
Toledo-Indianapolis Inspection Trip 6-16-1984 (CR Tol-Indy Inspection Trip 6-16-1984.pdf) 8.745MB
Western Region Michigan Division 1984 (missing pp. 27-32, 51-52) (CR Michigan Track Chart 1984.pdf) 3.955MB
Western Region Toledo Division 1984 (CR Toledo Track Chart 1984.pdf) 16.422MB
Western Region partial (CR Western Track Chart partial 1984.pdf) 32.745MB Courtesy David Mangold Collection

Central Region Allegheny Division (CR Allegheny Track Chart 1985.pdf) 67.557MB Courtesy David Mangold Collection
Central Region Inspection Trip 4-21-1985 (CR Central Region Inspection Trip 4-21-1985.pdf) 19.788MB
Central Region Inspection Trip 4-21-1985 (without certain data) (CR Central Region Inspection Trip 4-21-1985x.pdf) 3.099MB
Central Region Inspection Trip (Corry to Pittsburgh: Meadville Line, Pymatuning Line, Sharon Branch, Youngstown Branch, E&A Secondary, Cleveland Line, Ft. Wayne Line)
3-6&7-1985 (CR Central Region Inspection Trip 3-6&7-1985.pdf) 15.812MB
Central Region Youngstown Division 1985 (CR Youngstown Track Chart 1985.pdf) 34.377MB Courtesy David Mangold Collection
Eastern Region New Jersey Division 1985 (CR NJ Track Chart 1985.pdf) 24.881MB
Indiana Harbor Belt RR (Proper) & Conrail (IHB Operated) Track Chart 1985 (IHB Track Chart 1985.pdf) 8.032MB
Southwestern & Columbus Divisions Board of Directors Inspection Trip c.1985 (CR SW & Col Divs BOD Trip Track Chart c1985.pdf) 20.857MB

Richard B. Hasselman copy (CR SW & Col Divs BOD Inspection Trip c1985 RBH.pdf) 21.870MB
L. Stanley Crane copy (CR SW & Col Divs BOD Inspection Trip c1985 LSC.pdf) 22.059MB

Northeastern Region Buffalo Division 1985 (CR Buffalo Division Track Chart 1985.pdf) 20.948MB Courtesy David Mangold Collection

Central Region Pittsburgh Division 1986 (CR Pgh Track Chart 1986.pdf) 6.84MB
Central Region Youngstown Division 1986 (CR Youngstown Track Chart 1986.pdf) 11.994MB
Eastern Region New Jersey Division 1986 (CR NJ Track Chart 1986.pdf) 30.082MB
Northeast Region New England Division 1986 (CR New England Track Chart 1986.pdf) 9.809MB

Central Region Allegheny Division 1987 (CR Allegheny Track Chart 1987.pdf) 8.6MB
Central Region Pittsburgh Division 1987 (CR Pgh Track Chart 1987.pdf) 10.377MB Courtesy Stephen Titchenal Rails & Trails
Central Region Youngstown Division 1987 (CR Youngstown Track Chart 1987.pdf) 8.28MB
Eastern Region Philadelphia Division 1987 (CR Philadelphia Track Chart 1987.pdf) 23.312MB Courtesy David Mangold Collection
Northeastern Region Mohawk Division 1987 (CR Mohawk Track Chart 1987.pdf) 16.229MB
Northeastern Region Southern Tier District 1987 (CR Southern Tier Track Chart 1987.pdf) 5.976MB
Western Region Toledo Division 1987 (CR Toledo Track Chart 1987.pdf) 17.125MB

Central Region Columbus Division 1988 (CR Columbus Track Chart 1988.pdf) 13.359MB
Eastern Region New Jersey Division 1988 (CR NJ Track Chart 1988.pdf) 29.973MB
Western Region Chicago Division 1988 (copy) (CR Chicago Track Chart 1988.pdf) 8.798KB
Western Region Dearborn Division 1988 (CR Dearborn Track Chart 1988.pdf) 7.166MB Courtesy Stephen Titchenal Rails & Trails

Albany Division 1989 (CR Albany Track Chart 1989.pdf) 30.974MB
Indianapolis Division 1989 (CR Indy Track Chart 1989.pdf) 16.803MB Courtesy Stephen Titchenal Rails & Trails
Pittsburgh Division 1989 (CR Pgh Track Chart 1989.pdf) 33.195MB

Dearborn Division 1990 (CR Dearborn Track Chart 1990.pdf) 13.744MB
Indianapolis Division 1990 (CR Indy Track Chart 1990.pdf) 16.449MB
Philadelphia Division 1990 (CR Philadelphia Track Chart 1990.pdf) 61.145MB
Pittsburgh Division 1990 (CR Pgh Track Chart 1990.pdf) 17.91MB

Albany Division 1991 (CR Albany Track Chart 1991.pdf) 23.766MB
Monongahela Railway 1991 (Mon Rwy Track Chart 1991.pdf) 4.254MB Courtesy David Mangold Collection
Philadelphia Division 1991 (CR Philadelphia Track Chart 1991.pdf) 67.858MB Courtesy David Mangold Collection
Pittsburgh Division 1991 (CR Pgh Track Chart 1991.pdf) 14.968MB Courtesy Stephen Titchenal Rails & Trails

Dearborn Division 1992 (CR Dearborn Track Chart 1992.pdf) 11.696MB
Indianapolis Division 1992 (CR Indy Track Chart 1992.pdf) 22.02MB
Pittsburgh Division 1992 (CR Pgh Track Chart 1992.pdf) 19.2MB
Philadelphia Division 1991 (CR Philadelphia Track Chart 1991.pdf) 67.858MB Courtesy David Mangold Collection

Albany Division 1993 (CR Albany Track Chart 1993.pdf) 22.805MB
Dearborn Division 1993 (CR Dearborn Track Chart 1993.pdf) 14.774MB
Harrisburg Division 1993 (CR Harrisburg Track Chart 1993.pdf) 16.773MB
Indianapolis Division 1993 (CR Indy Track Chart 1993.pdf) 18.363MB
Philadelphia Division 1993 (CR Philadelphia Track Chart 1993.pdf) 18.493MB
Pittsburgh Division 1993 (CR Pgh Track Chart 1993.pdf) 17.635MB
Pittsburgh Division Inspection Trip Conpit-Bayview 11-11-1993 (CR Pgh Inspection Conpit-Bayview 11-11-1993.pdf) 3.215MB

Albany Division 1994 (CR Albany Track Chart 1994.pdf) 17.877MB
Dearborn Division 1994 (CR Dearborn Track Chart 1994.pdf) 16.261MB
Harrisburg Division 1994 (CR Harrisburg Track Chart 1994.pdf) 8.914MB
Pittsburgh Division 1994 (CR Pgh Track Chart 1994.pdf) 19.833MB

Albany Division 1995 (CR Albany Track Chart 1995.pdf) 14.001MB
Albany Division Inspection Trip (Buffalo-Selkirk, NY via Chicago Line Selkirk Branch, J.M. Samuels) 6-7-1995 (CR Albany Division Inspection Trip 6-7-1995.pdf) 5.45MB
Harrisburg Division 1995 (CR Harrisburg Track Chart 1995.pdf) 8.572MB
Philadelphia Division (CR Philadelphia Track Chart 1995.pdf) 9.578MB
Pittsburgh Division 1995 (CR Pgh Track Chart 1995.pdf) 19.765MB
Pittsburgh Division Hi-Rail Inspection Trip (Mon Line, CP Perry-CP Isle; Island Industrial Track, CP Isle-CP Penn; Conemaugh Line, CP Penn-CP Conpit; Pittsburgh Line, CP Conpit-CP Wing; Port Perry Branch, CP Wing-CP Perry; Mon Line, CP Perry-CP Esplen) 11-21-1995 (CR Pgh Hi-Rail Track Chart 11-21-1995.pdf) 4.628MB

Albany Division 1996 (CR Albany Track Chart 1996.pdf) 14.570MB
Dearborn Division 1996 (CR Dearborn Track Chart 1996.pdf) 8.933MB
Indianapolis Division 1996 (CR Indy Track Chart 1996.pdf) 8.13MB
Pittsburgh Division 1996 (CR Pgh Track Chart 1996.pdf) 9.588MB

Albany Division 1997 (CR Albany Track Chart 1997.pdf) 13.689MB
Dearborn Division 1997 (CR Dearborn Track Chart 1997.pdf) 16.261MB
Indianapolis Division 1997 (CR Indy Track Chart 1997.pdf) 8.203MB
Philadelphia Division 1997 (CR Philadelphia Track Chart 1997.pdf) 15.075MB
Philadelphia Division Inspection Trip 10-16-1997 (CR Philadelphia Inspection Trip 10-16-1997.pdf) 3.238MB
Pittsburgh Division 1997 (CR Pgh Track Chart 1997.pdf) 8.971MB
The Conrail Train Tour - International Development Research Council/Indianapolis World Congress Trip Guide 5-13-1997 (CR IDRC IWC Train Tour 5-13-1997.pdf) 4.625MB Courtesy David Mangold Collection

Albany Division 1998 (CR Albany Track Chart 1998.pdf) 14.151MB
Dearborn Division 1998 (CR Dearborn Track Chart 1998.pdf) 10.036MB
Ft. Wayne Line with Wheeling & Lake Erie Rwy Co. Inspection Trip 10-13-1998 (CR W&LE Ft. Wayne Line Inspection Trip 10-13-1998.pdf) 1.147MB
Indianapolis Division 1998 (CR Indy Track Chart 1998.pdf) 8.844MB
OCS Inspection Trip (Pittsburgh Line CP Cannon-CP Wing, Port Perry Branch CP Wing-CP 16, Mon Line CP 16-CP Bell, Fort Wayne Line CP Bell-Crestline) 11-16 & 17-1998 (CR Pgh Inspection 11-16&17-1998.pdf) 7.406MB
Philadelphia Division 1998 (CR Philadelphia Track Chart 1998.pdf) 13.372MB
Pittsburgh Division 1998 (CR Pgh Track Chart 1998.pdf) 9.681MB

Albany Division 1999 (CR Albany Track Chart 1999.pdf) 24.801MB
Dearborn Division 1999 (CR Dearborn Track Chart 1999.pdf) 10.774MB
Indianapolis Division 1999 (CR Indy Track Chart 1999.pdf) 16.524MB Courtesy David Mangold Collection
Pittsburgh Division 1999 (CR Pgh Track Chart 1999.pdf) 17.317MB
Philadelphia Division 1999 (CR Philadelphia Track Chart 1999.pdf) 14.489MB
Youngstown Line Inspection Trip 2-11-1999 (CR Youngstown Line Inspection Trip 2-11-1999.pdf) 825KB

CSA Detroit Shared Asset Area Line Schematics 5-1997 (CSA Detroit SAA Maps 5-1997.pdf) 27.659MB


Known to Exist

1976 Southern Region Peoria & Eastern Division
1976 Southwest East Division
1977 Ann Arbor Division
1977 Canada Division
1977 Cincinnati Division
1977 Columbus Division
1977 Fort Wayne Division
1977 Lehigh Division
1977 Michigan Division
1977 Southwest East Division
1977 Southwest West Division
1977 Youngstown East Division
1977 Youngstown West Division
1978 Cincinnati Division
1978 Columbus Division
1978 Metropolitan Region
1978 Michigan Division
1978 Mohawk Division
1978 Southwest West Division
1978 Youngstown East Division
1979 Cleveland Division
1979 Hoboken Division
1979 Southwest West Division
1980 Chicago Division
1980 Toledo Division
1981 Lehigh Division
1981 Metropolitan Region
1982 Allegheny A Division
1982 Cleveland Division
1982 Harrisburg Division
1982 Mohawk Division
1982 New Jersey Division
1982 Philadelphia Division
1982 Pittsburgh Division
1982 SEPTA Commuter Region
1982 Southwest Division
1982 Youngstown Division
1984 New Jersey Division
1984 Youngstown Division
1987 Buffalo Division
1987 New Jersey Division
1989 Harrisburg Division
1990 Albany Division
1992 Albany Division

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